Friday, November 5, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

IS IT REALLY OVER: The election. No it isn't. Seems that a couple of States have yet to finish counting a few ballots. But THE ANNOYING ADS ARE GONE. I really didn't think I would revisit the political scene this soon, but decided I have a few thoughts to put to paper, uh! computer, before leaving that topic for a time. Maybe I'll wait until January 2011. Probably not, but who knows? And why then? You ask. Cause the new State legislature convenes for the 60 day session to decide what to do to us in 2011. New Mexico also has a new Governor to begin the new year. To me, she is the governor, and, I HOPE, will be a good one. But for those who like to keep track of those kind of things, she made history on two counts. First, she is New Mexico's first woman governor. Second, she is the Nation's first woman Hispanic governor of any state. While news media types have mentioned this item, many times, she has never mentioned it at all, that I have heard. Her opponent, Democrat Diane Denish, stated that the people made a mistake and she would have been the better choice to move this State forward, but she did ask her Democrat friends in the legislature to work with Mrs. Martinez and the Republicans in the legislature for the good of New Mexico. The legislature, like the State, is heavily Democrat populated. We will see what actually gets done. The first thing that Mrs. Martinez said she wanted done was to audit ALL State Departments and see which ones could actually sustain cuts and which ones could not. While many of us agree with this, there are those who say she can't or won't do it. We will see.
On the national scene, the President has decided the people want a change from his politics and was upset the the enemy ( that's what he called us Republicans) gave his party such a shellacking. He has decided that maybe he needs to work closer with the repubs now and see what can be done to get the economy moving. Of course his government pumped an additional $600 billion into the "Economy" right after the election, to the dismay of the Republicans and a lot of the people of the country. Just ran up the country's debt some more. A debt that the young people will have to pay off, if they ever can. He has called a meeting with the new and old leaders of the house to work on this. Oh! wait. he can't do that it yet. He's out of the office, again. Even out of the country until the middle of November. He's making a stop in India. Maybe he's checking out the Billion dollar house there. Getting ideas to remodel the White House, perhaps? Or a place to retire to, when he is out of office. Well, we can only hope that all works out in 2011 and 2012 for the good of the country. And that's Oh! the picture at the beginning of this post. Well, read the title of this blog.

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