Wednesday, August 25, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

DON'T WE ALL BELIEVE THE SAME; KINDA--I have read the many news stories, watched the TV news, read the political blogs of some, and listened to the you tube postings of others, all relating to the Mosque that some are wanting to build around the corner from Ground Zero. To some it is a bad thing, to others it is a good thing, to still others it is shoulder shrug. Evidence points to the fact that those who practice this religion have done this on other occasions, in other places, when they declare a victory over a Christian State or Nation. Perhaps so. And if so, then this Mosque is a very disturbing thing, indeed. My personal opinion is, I am not as close to it as those in New York, and they don't want it. So, if Islam, or who ever is building this Mosque, actually is doing so in peace and want's to get along with their neighbors, then find somewhere else to put this Mosque. To continue to force the issue, in the face of so much public opinion against it, seems to this uneducated person, to be saying "I don't really care." I cut an article from a paper some years ago, and this is what it said.

Christianity: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."
Islam: "Not one of you truly believes, until you wish for others what you wish for yourself."
Judaism: "What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor."
Hinduism: "Do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you."
Buddhism: "Treat not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful."
Confucianism: "Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself."
Taoism: "Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain, and your neighbor's loss as your own loss."
Sikhism: "I am a stranger to no one; and no one is a stranger to me. Indeed, I am a friend to all."
Baha'i: Lay not on any soul a load that you would not wish to be laid upon you."
Jainism: "One should treat all creatures in the world as one would like to be treated."
Zoroastrianism: "Do not do unto others whatever is injurious to yourself."

Now, I have not heard of the last three of those listed, and don't know where they originated or where they practice. I don't really care. BUT; if all these religions believe what these sayings say, why can't we all just get along. I am a Christian, and don't know any thing about other religions, so can only assume that what was printed in this article is correct.
However, if Islam actually believes the principle stated here, I believe they will not persist in the building of this Mosque. If this is not actually the true Islam religion driving this project, then it probably is terrorist driven and we need to be aware. And put a stop to it.
And That Is The View From The Ditch Bank.


  1. Oh, please tell me you're kidding, right? So they have religious freedom as long as...what? Everyone agrees with them? No!

    It's a) NOT at ground zero. You can't even SEE it from ground zero. And b) it's not a mosque! It's a community center where you CAN pray.
    There is an ACTUAL mosque even closer to ground zero. And it's been there since before the twin towers, operating without incident.

    I'm appalled that this is even an issue. I'm ashamed of people who are making this an issue. It's like we love our Constitution as long as it's within our comfort zone, but the second someone practices a guaranteed freedom that isn't comfortable with the "norm" everyone freaks out.

    And it's AMAZING the number of people "close to it" that don't think it really IS an issue.

  2. ( many times does our church "force public opinion" when building OUR temples? A whole lot more than people want to admit...but we're Christian, so that's ok, right? -sarcasm HEAVILY intended-)

  3. Personally, I put Islamic terrorists in the same group as Mormon polygamists and Catholic pedophile priests. Yes, they exist, no they are not sanctioned by the religion, yet the majority of the public can't wrap their brains around that fact....


  4. Tawnya--Apparently you missed the point of the blog. Go back and read it again. However, to explain, I said nothing about freedom of religion. My point was, if this is a legitimate building of the Islam religion, they would take the feeling of those who oppose it into consideration. Not that they couldn't build the Mosque ( and that is what the media is calling it) there if they chose to do so. But this is not just about a building. It is about people's feelings who had relatives killed close to there by a militant group who claim to be Islam. Or Muslim. If it is that group of people, the militant ones, then this is not just a Mosque, but a nose thumbing by that group at the public who has deep feelings about this issue. And being militant, or terrorists, they are suspect. This then, becomes an issue of safety for the American people. Read Dustin's answer.

  5. The people who killed their loved ones are dead. Or hiding in Pakistan. Not building a community center in New York. Of course terrorists exist. We have American terrorists! But to outlaw the building of a community center by Muslims is ridiculous and based in racism and fear. As is the calling for all Muslims in America to be disallowed building permits from this day forward (an actual claim being thrown out by someone running for office). So, if Timothy McVey had worked for...Home Depot, would there be outrage if a Home Depot wanted to build a store in downtown OKC? No. Of course not. But, same thing.

    The media has jumped on this for one reason only - because midterm elections are coming up. What better way to fuel the fire under Republicans to vote for the crazier tea party people than to scare the bejeebus out of them that militants are building a training ground near ground zero? It's a tactic that works, sadly, time and again. I hate that people (and by people, I actually mean people) will figure out who to vote for based off of fear.

    I did not miss the point of the blog. And I completely agree with Dustin's comment. Maybe you are misunderstanding what is actually being built and by whom?

  6. But of course, what I meant to say, was...I think this is being made a bigger deal than it is or should be and that's the end of my opinion.


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