Thursday, May 27, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

SO WHAT HAPPENED---To Sunday's, that is. MLWFAE and I were traveling this past Sunday to a neighboring town in Arizona ( 2 hours + away ) and we noticed people out mowing their lawns, trimming shrubs and trees and working on their houses. And all this as we were leaving the town we live in. Observed more of the same as we passed the small hamlets ( small towns, not the hindquarters of small pigs ) and she commented, What ever Happened to Sunday? Now, I know that ever since the children of Adam and Eve were large enough to rebel, there have been people who did not go to church. Still, when we were growing up, a long time after Adam and Eve, the majority of the people did take a day off on Sunday. No working, beyond necessary chores, on Sunday. Maybe they didn't go to Church, but it wasn't a major work day. I guess it did begin as a play day, golf, fishing etc, but now it seems like it is just another day. Businesses are open, people have to go to work, and if they have the day off, they work any way, as mentioned at the start. Wouldn't things be a lot better, if people would go back to using Sunday as a day of rest, and worship. And That's The View From The Ditch Bank

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  1. A lot of people regard the afore-mention gardening and such AS resting/relaxing/whatever.... so maybe that's just their way of observing Sunday.



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