Saturday, May 8, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

MY FAULT, TOTALLY---MLWFAE and I were traveling a week or two back, and, feeling a little tired, decided to stop in a town we were passing through and at the 50's favorite drive inn we ordered a coke. Just a little pick me up, cause we were kinda tired, well OK sleepy, and still had a ways to go to get home. I knew better. I just forgot. Here came the cokes, there went the money, and adios, we were on our way, again. Not long after leaving the drive inn, well several miles and many minutes, ( maybe 45 ) the coke was gone, but the cup was still full. Yep, ice. That's what I forgot. I shoulda said Easy on the ice. If I wanted a cup of flavored ice, I would have ordered a snowcone. It's gettin hot, spring is here, summer is chasing it and I will remember this little Oops in the future. I Hope. And that's the view from the ditch bank.

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