Thursday, May 20, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

I'M STILL CONFUSED---When I last posted, i wrote about the immigration law. since then, a few things have came up, so I would like to make a couple of comments, or three, before commenting about my original post. Since 2006 there has been 22,000 deaths related to the illegal drug commerce between Mexico and the United States. Many of those deaths have been right along the border of the 4 States that border Mexico, namely; Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Several of those deaths have occurred inside the U.S. border, with the most recent one that of a rancher in southeast Arizona. Most of those deaths do not make the national news, but are reported in the local news only, and almost Ho Hum at times even then. Cities such as El Paso, Tucson, the Mesa/Phoenix area and on in to Southern California have a particular problem with those from Mexico hanging around street corners looking for work. The are NOT here legally. If any one hires them, or transports them, they are arrested and jailed for a week and their car is impounded. So no one hires them. so they steal to exist. Not good, I know, but they do it. On the other side of the coin, ( the worse side ) are the drug dealers and the human and drug runners. They bring people to the U.S. for a large fee, then force the females into prostitution and the males into drug dealers. If they are arrested, they cry foul and are just deported, only to come right back and do it again, and again. When Janet Napalitano was the Governor of Arizona, she was in contact with Washington D.C. on a regular basis, asking for assistance with the border problem. Now, she is in Washington and singing the Washington tune, forgetting where she came from. She is on the Atlantic coast checking out the oil spill and slick. I ask why? Is this her concern. I say, it is a concern and should be addressed by the Environmental Department and/or the department of the Interior. But not Homeland security. This oil does not threaten our National security. The illegals at the border definitely do. Now, Arizona only passed a law that has been on the federal books for decades. This gave Arizona law officials power to do the job that federal officials should be doing, but are not. A New Mexico state Tic said on the news that these people aren't criminals, they are just in the country illegally. That is a quote. What part of ILLEGAL don't he understand. I have heard of people who have managed to get to the U.S. minutes or hours ahead of being killed by the drug cartel's. Many of those, I heard, have lost family members to death at the hands of the drug gangs. These individuals are trying to gain employment and gain legal status. I feel for them. And feel that the U.S. should not arrest them and deport them, to certain death, but help those who want to be here as legal citizens gain the paper work they need. Let them work, and pay taxes and go to school and learn the language, ( I have heard many of them are doing just that ). I have no problem with that. But to come in illegally, and then rob, rape, steal and kill and then cry they have been discriminated against when they get caught, or when a State, or City wants to get tough with them. No, I have no sympathy for them.
This has been a long post. I hope the point didn't get lost in the mix. Now, to refer to the point of my original post. I don't understand why there are people who can stand and say, These people are here illegally, they broke the law, but we need to punish Arizona, or Albuquerque for wanting to do something about that. I think the Tics in Washington and the local state Tics should get behind the state's and enforce the Federal Law, and get tough on those who are running to and ruining this country. The President of Mexico spoke to Congress this morning, to complain about the law in Arizona. Why is he complaining. We aren't coming to his country illegally. he should be helping us to keep his people home and SAFE. I hope I made my point clear. Probably didn't though. That's why I am still confused. And that's the View From The Ditch Bank

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  1. You made many good points. I too think people who want to work and act legally should not be criminalized, but like D had to in his foreign country of choice, the should prove that they are working towards citizenship. My law enforcement friends say that so many times they know people are here illegally and they have a rap sheet a mile long and have committed much violence and destruction, and there is nothing they can do or they are called racist. For many years we have heard that you can't prove who is good or bad, so just do nothing, then no one is offended. Of the people I have personally talked to about Arizona's new law that are screaming against it, NONE of them have actually read the law. They are all just repeating what they have heard on tv, much of which is false. I still hope some good and better solutions can be found to what is truly a problem.


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