Friday, May 14, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

SENSE-- What exactly is it? Well, if I had any I would know, I guess. And if I do have any, it would be of the common variety. As in common sense. Got to thinkin about this the other day, when I saw a Quest Phone service pickup parked near a phone service box. The phone service man apparently needed to do some service work. OK, no problem, except his pickup was parked on the side walk. Now, the last time I checked it was just that, a side walk, not a side park, or a service vehicle parking area, but a side walk. Still maybe a bit misleading, as I have never seen any one actually walking on their side. Have seen a drunk or two sleeping on them, on their side, but not walking. So, that leads one to assume, ( break that one down ) that a side walk is a place where people ( and now a days their dogs ) walk along the side of the road. Where vehicles are. Like Phone company service vehicles. Common sense says, don't park a vehicle on a side walk. Then just today as I was driving home, there, parked in the middle of the road was a vehicle, with the driver in it. He waved me around. What was he doing. Talking on his cell phone. Well, OK, he did stop to talk, but in the middle of the road. I mean, can't you pull over and park at the side of the road. OH! he was on a phone, he could have just used the side walk. Aw, common sense. Where did it go? And that's the view from the ditch bank.

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