Tuesday, December 22, 2009

View From The Ditch Bank

YOU SCREAM, I SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE SCREAM. Do any of you remember that phrase. I learned it as a child and heard if from my parents, so guess it has been around awhile. I am going to change it a bit, though, for this post. As in
YOU CARE, I CARE, WE ALL CARE FOR HEALTH CARE. Yep, I'm going to post about health care. Or my opinion on what is going on in Washington right now. You remember the statement; Government Of the People, By the People, For the People. Now it seems it is Government Of Harry Reid, By Nancy Pelosi, For Barack Obama. This health care bill is being jammed through the Senate because the Democrats want a health care bill to be on the Presidents desk by Christmas. And because all the Democrats and the two Liberals weren't exactly on board with this program, their votes were bought.
Shame on them. Just who was bought and how. Well, we probably will never know all of it, but here is some of it. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana agreed to vote for the bill after her State was given a $300 million bump in Medicaid funding. Senator Bernie Sanders, a Liberal from Vermont, agreed to vote for the bill after his state was given 10 Billion Dollars to fund Community Health Care Centers. Also Massachusetts won increased funding in Federal Aid. Senator Max Baucus from Montana swung over to the vote after he was promised that residents from the town of Libby would receive Medicare funding, cause they live in a mining town and suffer from asbestos-related illnesses. Ben Nelson agreed to vote for the bill after he was told that the tab for the expanded Medicaid funding would be paid for by the Federal Government. This amounts to 10's of millions of dollars. While he was the last one to be bought, the list also includes Christopher Dodd from Conn. who agreed to vote after his state was promised $100 million for construction of a hospital for the University of Connecticut. This is enough to make us all sick enough to use the health care plan, if it actually covers us, that is. While I have been covered by health care most of my married life, and will be covered some how, even after this debacle of a bill passes, I understand there are many in the U S of A that aren't covered and need this care. I just think this is being rammed down our throats without due process and without counting the cost, and planning out just where it will lead. As always, it will open many cans of worms that we aren't even aware of yet, I'm afraid. We can only hope that wiser heads bring about the change that actually needs to be done, before this becomes law. I'm sure this won't be the final post on this subject. And that is The View From The Ditch Bank.


  1. Most things that happen in politics are done with what you call "being bought". It's how things have been done for YEARS. While you can argue the morality in that, it certainly hasn't started with health care.

    As far as it being 'rushed', I couldn't disagree more. It's been being worked on, at least, since Clinton was in office. So, where you see rushed, I see it's about freaking time! I'm so grateful it may actually pass. It's not perfect and the abortion clauses make me sad, but it's a great start. It's about time someone DOES something about health care and we start trying to take care of our own.

  2. I'm not decrying the need for health care, and there have been a lot of Presidents in office that have tried to get something done. I just don't like this bill and the things that are in it, and the cost to you, or Sammy, who will likely end up paying for it.

  3. I guess that's the difference. If it ends up saving someone's life because they can suddenly go get a check up or save someone some money and an easier time getting coverage than Isaac and I did (do) because they are self employed or provide coverage where "normal" insurance won't - and I believe it will-? I'll happily help pay for it a million times over. No bill is perfect, but this one makes sense, is a good start and doesn't give me a moment's pause.

    But, I'm a big fan of social programs in general.

  4. I will admit, I don't know the in's and out's of the bill going through over there right now, but for the last 8 years I have been on the receiving end of a national health care program. IT IS FANTASTIC! There is NO WAY Cindy and I could have afforded or been able to get some of the treatment and care that we have, (and in the near future will) need without it. I don't think that we've paid more than about $20 for a prescription. It's not perfect, but it's WAY better than fighting with insurance or HMO's.... and besides, as you said, it's a government for the people; so doesn't that mean that they should help care for the people?

    And these votes that are being "bought" is how every government in the history of ever has done things. It's sitting on a fine line between compromise and blackmail, but it's just how things are done.


  5. Yes, I agree with D but this bill has so many things in it that are not taking care of the people. It mandates that all will apply for health care insurance, and if they don't then the government will fine them for not doing so. It will also be very costly to the taxpayers. I am not against health care reform, just think that some changes need to be made to make this one more acceptable.

  6. Ok, I have a problem with the health care bill. I will admit that I have not read it in its entirety so my opinions are only partially informed ones. But I am going to say something anyway.

    *Do I want everyone to have health care? Yes
    *Do I wish that I didn't have to stay in my situation because one of my medications costs upwards of $2000/month without insurance? Of course I do
    *Do I want my government to pay for it? No
    *Do I want my government to tell me that I HAVE to have insurance and/or what insurance to have? No

    *And do I believe it is the government's job to take care of us? No I do not.

    I believe that we live in a land that is comprimised of individual states that are responsible for their own govenrment. Our national government has the responsibility of making regulations for interstate issues. In this country we have the right to pursue happiness, betterment, a job, a house and all that. To have these things is not a right but something we earn by our hard work. It should not be handed to us by a government program. Yes, it makes life easier, but it also enslaves us and binds us to a government and then gives the government more and more power over us until we no longer have basic freedoms. When we as a people allow government this control, we have stopped thinking for ourselves.Then Satin can step in and take over. And when we wake up and realize that we have handed him our freedom, there is nothing we can do about it because it is too late.

    We cannot allow our government to take over all of our programs, kill our unborn children because it is inconvenient, tell us when to see a doctor or not, how to pay for it, or even print more money to help some company that did not make wise choices in how they handled their money. However, we can insist that our government make laws that protect us and help those that need the help. And in the meantime, we as citizens need to get off our behinds and help those that need it, because that is what we are supposed to do. (Matthew 25, Alma 5 towards the end of the chapter)

  7. Ugh. I had a super long comment, but actually thought before posting. Hopefully this way, I can just ignore the "killing babies" comment...

    I will say this, however. Sandra, I hope I'm simply misreading and you aren't actually saying that those in favor of MORE social programs or health care reform (esp. this bill) are unrighteous, not understanding the gospel or helping to usher in Satan's plan in any way. I really, really, really hope that isn't what you were saying.

  8. No, that is not what I am saying, though I do think some of them are. What I am saying is I do not agree with taking our freedoms away in favor of social programs because that is what will usher in Satan's plan.

    I would love a program that allowed health care reform AND left us our freedoms, because I agree that our health care is a mess. An expensive, prohibitive, unruly, unhealthy mess and needs to be changed. I also know what my doctor told me passage of this bill would do to my abililty to continue receiving my medication through the program that makes it $25/3 months instead of $2000/1 month. And all the other changes. I am just not sure the well to do elite that are writing the bill truly understands.

    And my reference to the scriptures meant that taking care of the poor et al is OUR responsibility, not the government's

  9. I guess I am just stupid and don't understand what freedoms will be taken away with this. The freedom to NOT have insurance? I'm ok with that. The freedom to have an abortion? You're right. I'm NOT ok with that one and hope it's remedied in the final bill. The freedom to breathe a little easier that you may not go bankrupt if you, heaven forbid, get really sick? I think that's the best freedom we're gaining with reform.

    I'm so much more ok with any "freedoms" that may have to adjust with this (and yes, some of the proposed may affect us as well) than the ACTUAL taking away of our freedoms Bush did with the signing of the Patriot Act. Why wasn't everyone up in arms about that? Decrying him and that act that actually DID do damage to our freedoms?

    The thing about health care is, though, NO ONE knows what is actually going to ultimately pass. Anyone who tells you, right now, what IS going to happen? Doesn't know. I think the fear mongering that is going around is so much worse than what will actually happen.

    But that's just me. The unrighteous democrat that loves social programs...

  10. I do agree with you on the fear mongering aspect, and I really do hope that what actually does pass is nothing like the fear rumors that are going around. I really do believe that the answer is somewhere between the two positions. And I do think we can both agree that what we have now is not good and needs to be changed.

  11. Amen to that one! Just going through what we did trying to get ANY coverage with pre conditions and being self employed was a joke. I'm sure that's a part of the reason I embrace reform with open arms!

    I really do believe that what actually passes will be different and all of us will go, "huh. what was the fuss about?" I don't think this bill will be all flowers and sunshine. I just don't think it's going to usher in hell, either.


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