Friday, December 18, 2009

View From The Ditch Bank

PC-- What do those letters bring to mind. Well, if you are an old man, like me, when I was a teenager, going to high school back in the fifties, it meant Privileged Character, and was usually used in a derogatory manner. As in Just who does he/she think they are? A Privileged Character? This was usually said of someone who thought they were better than everyone else or deserved special privileges. In now a day terms it brings to mind a Personal Computer, and is not used in a derogatory manner, unless you own a Mac. And no the Apple has nothing to do with the fruit of the tree or a burger from the Golden Arches, although I often wonder why an Apple isn't a PC as it is your Personal Computer. However, the purpose of this blog is the term Politically Correct. When did that term come into vogue? In my day ( see above) you just said what was what and didn't worry about ticks, er, politics. The thing that bugs me right now is the season we are in, or rather the lack of acknowledgment of it by the world at large. I mean, what is wrong with saying MERRY CHRISTMAS? Well, it is not politically correct. You might offend someone. Well Duh. I am offended when people won't say it. They say Happy Holiday. Well, it is not a Holiday, it is a Holy Day and if it weren't for the Holy Day there would be no Holiday, and the holiday is the celebration of the birth of Christ. As in Christ mas. So say it, and if some one is offended, so what. So MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU WHO MAY READ THIS BLOG. And that is the view from the ditch bank


  1. See, for me you say pc and I instantly thought of Player Character, but that is just because I was doing some stuff for the next D&D game coming up. If that hadn't been the case, I would probably have went with Personal Computer, but not Politically Correct. More than likely that's because I'm usually not.... I see no point in it, and if someone is going to get hurt or offended by me telling them exactly what's what, well, then they just need to have a drink of concrete and harden up. But maybe that's just me....


  2. Yeah, but, what if they aren't Christian? What if they celebrate holidays and NOT Christmas? Why are we suddenly the ones to ram it down their throats that THEIR beliefs are wrong? Why can't people on both sides simply agree that there are differences and be tolerant and not make this an issue? What if I truly MEAN Happy Holidays? I think people on both sides of this "issue" (can't even say that with a straight face) need to lighten up. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays. It really doesn't matter to me what they say or if they don't say anything.

    I don't think being politically correct is a bad thing, if it makes some people think before they speak. We can all use a lesson on being more tolerant to others differences.

  3. I want to say Merry Christmas if I want to. To me,like you say the reason for the season. I am not trying to cram it down anyone's throat but don't like feeling it is crammed down mine either.

  4. I don't have a problem with Happy Hanukkah, or even Happy Holidays if that is the way they feel. I just know the reason we have this particular "Holiday" and to have to be PC and tippy toe around others and not say Merry Christmas because they might get upset is something that I don't agree with.


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