Saturday, December 12, 2009

View From The Ditch Bank

Well, this is my first post, so I will tell you a bit about myself, and what this blog will be mostly about.
I live in the middle of nowhere, next to the edge of nothing, in the southwest corner of a southwest state of the United States on the third rock from the sun. I am retired, so have time to post to this blog at my leisure, which may be daily, weekly or just about when ever I feel so inclined. I belong to a group of people that make faux environmentalists shudder. Namely, I was raised on a cattle ranch, spent a time in the logging and lumber business and have retired after 40 years in the mining business. I will probably blog in the future on the difference between a true and a faux environmentalist. I am, like Nephi, born of goodly parents, the husband of one, the father of seven, the grandfather of 24 and, so far, the great grandfather of two. I belong to the LDS church and am happy to say so, I belong to the Republican party and will vote for a Democrat if I feel he or she is the best candidate. While I live in a very small bedroom/retirement village detached from a small town, I dream of living on a hill with a view of a valley in the front and a stream where I could catch a fish for supper, if I was so inclined in the back, or in other words, on a ditch bank. This blog will be more about my uneducated view of the happenings in the world and little to nothing about my life, we will see how it goes. Also, my name is of no importance so far as this blog goes, but for now I will just go by the name of Lee. Nuff for now


  1. I reckon that's a pretty good start...


  2. love your blog. enjoyed your perspective. Eloise

  3. Being a "faux" environmentalist, does that mean I can't comment?

  4. Nope, you can answer. I will post a blog in the near future on the difference of a fauz and a true environmentalist.

  5. Just got home from Vegas where we spend 3 days watching the Rodeo National Finals (the reason we went) and watching a lifestyle that is so foreign to us. We went to the Temple, people watched, and wandered through amazing casinos that are over the top. The rodeo was great though. Love your blog. Glad you're writing.


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