Friday, September 9, 2016


YOU KNOW, BACK IN THE DAY, when Dinosaurs roamed the earth. At least history tells us that they did.  I have only the history books version of that, so maybe they did and maybe they didn't.  Your choice.  As I stated, I wasn't here then.  But now, in this day when I am here, we still seem to have animals that I know nothing about, Namely;
Buffalo.  Oh we have Buffalo. I have seen them. A couple of them up close and almost personal. In New Mexico, and Arizona and Wyoming.  And they looked just like Buffalo are supposed to look. At least as far as I know.  But I keep seeing on Restaurant menu's this offering for Buffalo Wings. And I just have to ask myself, where do they get them?  As I said I have seen Buffalo's. But I have never seen one with wings. 
And Chickens.  I was raised in the country.  We had chickens.  They had feathers, and laid eggs, which I had the opportunity to gather from time to time.  I still know what a chicken looks like. I have never seen one yet with fingers.  Yet, in restaurant menus they list chicken fingers as a food to eat.  I have also heard people say they are as fine a hens teeth.  Guess they don't know what a hen eats with, cause they got no teeth.  Saying they have teeth is a plausible as the syntax of the previous sentence.    And they saying   Fine as Frogs Hair.  I have seen several frogs.  Never seen one with hair.  They must have been barbered by a hen with teeth, and fingers. Who knows, maybe they caught a flight on a flying Buffalo.  And maybe all these animals are actually from the Dinosaur era and so they don't really exist any more, and some one is just plagiarizing the name. 

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