Monday, April 4, 2016


WHY DO PEOPLE DO THE THINGS THEY DO.  That is a statement that can readily be turned into a question.   I occasionally travel the highways and byways of this great State and some time other States, and the things people do never cease to astound me.  I will mention a couple or three of them and then mention one thing about me that I have noticed.

1.  Why, when I am traveling somewhere, and doing so at the posted speed limit, does someone feel the need to speed past me, then slam on their brakes so they can make a turn off the highway onto a side road, causing me to have to slam on my brakes also.  Knowing they were going to make that turn, couldn't they just stay behind me, at the posted speed limit for 60 seconds or so?
I have to wonder.

2.  I own a vehicle or 2.  None of them are new by several years, although they don't look very bad.  My wife and I have tried to take care of them over the years, and when we go to a store, such a Wal-Mart, or a shopping center in a distant city, we park far away from the normal line of parked cars.  As in, in the North, or South, 40.  So why, when we return to the car after the shopping, with numerous parking spaces in the lot, does someone feel that they have to park in a space right next to us.  Even if they are trying to take care of their own vehicle, and parking in the aforesaid 40, they do have a choice to park in a spot away from me. So, why do they feel the need to park right by me.  I have to wonder.

3. Another traffic issue.  Why, when I am traveling down the road and approaching a construction zone, and the speed limit is dropping and the sign says a certain lane is closed ahead, and I move to the appropriate lane and slow to the posted speed limit, why does the people in the vehicle several vehicles back feel the need to speed up and then crowd  in at the last minute where the orange barrels are scooting them over, causing the line of traffic to all slow even further to accommodate them.  I have to wonder.

4. And finally, what is it with me.  Many years ago I would watch general conference and wonder how much longer is this going to go on.  It seemed like a two hour meeting lasted forever.  Now, in my dotage, it seems like I have just turned the meeting on and it is already over.  I just have to wonder.

I assume that my age, and the passage of time, going by faster and faster every day is the culprit.


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  1. 2. I believe you'd need to talk to Murphy about that one...


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