Friday, January 8, 2016


LET'S SEE HOW  THIS WORKS OUT:  If you read my last post of 2015, you will see I resolved to not rant so much on the tics. So, I will see what plays out. I have kept that resolve for 8 days now.  Watching the things as they play out in (on?) the news will make keeping that resolve difficult. 
New Mexico turned 104 years old a couple of days ago. As the 47th State in the union. Happy birthday to us. 
El Nino is working for us this year, as we have had a lot of rain and snow storms since Thanksgiving.  It snowed again last night. The land has been dry for a number of years and the moisture is welcome. Any rancher will tell you that a rain or a calf is welcome any time.  And while on the weather, and while the moisture is welcome and we can hope for it to continue, the weather forecasters need to keep in mind who is really in control of the weather, cause what they predict and what actually happens is not always the same thing.
Mean while, I will continue, with you, to watch the shenanigans of the tics as they countdown to the final vote this fall and see what plays out. It will be uplifting for some, agonizing for others, and we can hope that whatever happens we can hope that it works out the best, not for the Democrats or the Republicans or any other party, but for the American people and the country.

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