Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Yes, I know that I said I would try to not blog so much about the tics. And I am trying. After all, it is getting close to the end of January and I haven't broken that resolution yet.  Well, read on, cause that's about to change.  at least for this post. I will try to keep that resolution more as we go forward.  I also admit that may be difficult with this being an election year.  So, I will mention a few things that are on my mind today.
1. Our previous Governor, Bill Richardson, made sure  that the State of New Mexico issued drivers licenses to illegal aliens. IE. those who have came in to the United States without permission. AKA, illegally. Our current governor, Susanna Martinez, has tried to get the legislature to repeal this law for the 6 years she has been on office. To no avail. Well, now, the State powers that be has to do something, because the federal government will no longer recognize a New Mexico Drivers license as a form of Identification. They do not conform to the United States Real ID act of 2005. We have been given extension after extension to do something, and the Governor has tried, but the State tics in Santa Fe' have resisted. Now, there are many federal installations that even now will not allow people on government property.  My point of view; WHAT PART OF ILLEGAL DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND?  It seems like a no brainer to me.

2. Donald Trump.  If the general election comes down to a choice of Hillary ( to be mentioned in # 3) or Donald, I will probably vote for Gary Johnson.  Donald seems to have a lot of people believing that he can do wonderful things. To me, he is just a bully. He has money and therefore the power that wealth brings to some, and so he thinks he can just bulldoze his way along and bulldoze anyone who opposes him out of his way. He was friends with Ted Cruz until Mr. Cruz began to surge in the polls and then Donald began to say nasty things about Ted. He even called Ted a nasty man. Well, the liberal media has had to bleep a lot of Donald's speech's because he is a nasty man and his language leaves a lot to be desired.  He has a lot of ideas on what he will do to bring the country back to greatness. He blasts Mr. Obama for going around congress to accomplish his agenda, but it seems to me that Donald's methods will be the same. Really, he has no idea on how to accomplish any thing government wise, just ideas of what needs to be done. I feel that he will alienate other country's even more than some of our past presidents have.

3. Hillary Clinton. The darling of the press. It seems to me that the media is beginning to shy away from the full endorsement that they gave her just a few months ago.  It is difficult for them to do this, I think, but even some of them are beginning to see that maybe she is not up to par and so they are trying to shy away, without actually cutting all ties.  Bernie Sanders has surged ahead in the polls lately and this is scary to Clinton. My opinion, why can't people remember the scandals that took place in the White House when Bill was president. Why can't they remember that Hillary reported that she visited Iraq or some country and landed in the helicopter under enemy fire, only to be proven later that this was a lie and did not happen. Why can't the media remind the young people who may have forgotten or don't know, that the Clinton's stole $200,000 worth of furniture and China from the White House when they left it and got caught and had to return it. There is so much that is wrong with the Clinton's that I really couldn't post all of it, with out this post going longer that it already has. Just have to wonder WHY CAN'T PEOPLE AND THE MEDIA SEE THIS?

Well, this is probably not the last post I will make regarding my opinion of what is going on during this election year, but I will try, (I said try ) to keep my rants, uh Posts to the facts and only the facts, as I understand them and not just bash a tic just because I can.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

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