Thursday, August 14, 2014


AS WAS MENTIONED.  I mentioned in the previous post that the Fish and Wildlife Department is proposing to expand the habitat for the Mexican Gray Wolf program. While this expansion is still in the talk about it phase, as in,  We are holding meetings in the cities mentioned in the news articles and allowing people to comment, etc., I am going to make a little prediction on what will happen when the expansion is approved.  As I assume it will be. Or not.  But, for the sake of this post, lets assume it has been expanded and the boundaries relaxed so the wolf packs can spread out. This new expansion applies to New Mexico only, as far as I have read. So I will focus on that.

OK, the wolf has been restricted to the forest areas of Southeastern Arizona and Southwest New Mexico. So now it is able to go wherever it wants to in New Mexico from West to East and from the border with Mexico on the South to Interstate 40 on the North.  Interstate 40 bisects Albuquerque on an east to west direction. Or a west to east direction, if you prefer.  So, with that in mind, the wolf's mind, that is, he will take his pack and amble out of the forest to the east, down to the little settlement of Nutt. Nothing there of interest, except a Bar, so he may stop in for a drink. Since the Wild Life is not very active there, he will travel on to Hatch, there to pick up a little green chili and put it in his pack.  ( Kids have back packs, wolves have wolf packs ) Then he will stroll up the Rio Grande to San Antonio and the Owl Cafe, where he will have a Hamburger and have them put some of his Hatch Chili on the burger.  He will skirt Los Lunas and the prison there, he has an aversion to being in captivity, so he will slink along the Bosque as he heads for Belen. Not a lot going on there, so he will slip on up the River to the casino where he may try his hand, Uh paw, at a game of chance.  Then on to Albuquerque for hot air balloon ride.  Oh! wait.  Now there's a problem. The balloon field is north of I 40, and he is not allowed to cross I 40.  And the traffic in the city is horrendous, so he will slip into the Monzanos and catch a break in the traffic in the East mountains, cross I 40 there, then  amble back into the city and on the the balloon field for that ride.  After that, perhaps a ride on the tram to the top of the Sandia's and back down, then a short stroll to a station to catch the Rail Runner to the halls of government in Santa Fe'. Ah! now, that's the only way to travel.  Sure is a relief for sore paws. 
Meanwhile, back at the Hatch Chili farm, part of the Pack chose to opt out of the balloon ride and decided to try further East. There they find the Rio Grande also, then in to the City of the Crosses and a field of White Sand. Also, there is a restricted area, visits allowed only at certain times of the year.  if the wolf could read he would see that a weapon of mass destruction was tested there decades in the past. A little farther north and close to the Albuquerque traveling wolf, he will find a field being developed for space travel.  Maybe he can go in and get his name on the list.  If monkey's can go to space, why not a wolf. Oh well, on east and to the oil fields of the eastern and southeastern part of the State.  And the Texas State line.  Just like I 40, the Texas State line is only a line on a map and the wolf don't know that, so he will be GTT.  For those of you that don't read shoot em up westerns,  That means Gone To Texas. Wonder where he will wind up. 
Now keep in mind, this is the Mexican Gray Wolf.  But if you remember the above mentioned boundaries, he is not allowed in Mexico. That is his Southern boundary. But If he actually wants to go home, maybe he can  go to a Border Patrol station and get them to deport him.  Just a thought.

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