Monday, November 11, 2013


TODAY IS VETERANS DAY.  No, I am not a veteran.  I will not go into the reasons here for not being, just suffice it to say that I am not.  However, I have many relatives who are.  Brother's Brothers in Law, Grandsons and Granddaughters married to vets, Son in Law, Daughter in Law etc.  So, while I don't share that brotherhood with any of them, I do respect them for what they did, or what they are doing. 
I would wish all people would feel the same way I do about this country.  Show respect for the Flag and the constitution crafted by our founding fathers.  Sadly, many do not.  Many who were born and raised in this country want to pull it down.  There are many who want to come here.  If the media is to be believed, there are 11 million already here that aren't here legally.  Many more that are not here who are trying to get here by legal means.  maybe those who don't like this country should trade with those who do and then we will all be happy.
So, this will be a short post on this Veterans day.  I encourage all who happen to read this post to pay attention to what your elected leaders are doing, in Washington, in your State Capitol and in your County Seat.  Or City Hall.  If they are not doing the things that build this country up, then vote them out of office and elect someone who is interested in serving the country.

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