Friday, November 1, 2013


CAN I BE SUED FOR PLAGARISM?  Probably not, after all these years since that novel was written.  And did the title intrigue you?  Again, probably not.  So why use it for a blog post title?  The answer, cause it appealed to me.  So, what is the actual point of this post?

Well, it is November 1.  Halloween is over, Thanksgiving is coming on faster than a speeding bullet, and we are in the throws of a government sponsored event.  No, not the health care plan, but something thatr has been around for, well decades.  Many of them.  I think even Benjamin Franklin suggested something like this.  What is it? Time. As in what the clock says.  Do you have a clock that sounds like a fox?  But I digress.

In two days most of the world will set their clocks back 1 hour.  A couple of States in the United States won't, cause they didn't set them forward to start with.  And, as far as I know, one State in Australia won't set their clocks back for the same reason.  And maybe other places in the world that I am not aware of.  But for much of the industrialized world, clocks will change back one hour at Two a.m. Sunday morning, their local time.  But, the Sun will still make it's appearance according to it's time table, not what is on the hands of the clock.  Cows will still need to be milked, eggs gathered, stock fed, and people's lives will continue on.  The only thing that actually changed was the hands on the clock.  Well, for those of you who don't know about hands on a clock, the numbers on your cell phone or digital clock will change, or have to be changed. 

And in four short months, the government will have us change back to the daylight savings time by changing our clocks again.  Forward this time. And we won't actually save any time. Just continue doing things according to what the clock says.  And the sun will continue to do it's thing, regardless of what the clock says. Or the fox.

As my wife and I went for our morning walk this morning, starting prior to the sun coming up and finishing after it was up, I realized in a few days we would do the same thing, but the clock and the TV news programs would be in a different place.  But not the sun.  It rises, unperturbed by what governments do.

And We could take a lesson from the sun, and go about our business and put government where it belongs, and not let it regulate our lives to the point of distraction.  Ours, not them.


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  1. I hate changing time because I do things by the sun, not so much by the clock hands and I am always confused for a couple of weeks when the light is wrong for what I am doing.

    And on a sillier note, I have a rotating picture cube on my mantle and each day at 5, now 4, the sun shines on it and makes a rotating reflective light on the floor. My kitty chases that light across the floor and waits for it to come back. Yesterday I was confused at why he was running around when the clock said 4 until I remembered that the time changes. But like you, he, and the sun, went about their business regardless of what the clock said. (and we were watching Disney's Robin Hood so the fox was saying Oo-de-loly)


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