Friday, September 27, 2013


AM I HOLDING MY BREATH?  No, not even until my face turns blue.  And why should I?  Well, according to those in the knows, uh nose, uh news, I should be.  Why, you ask.   Cause, every one, and I MEAN EVEYONE, at least according to the news people, just every one is holding their breath to see if Castle proposes.  Well, I don't watch Castle, so I don't know if he is going to propose, and if he does, to whom, or what.  And if I did watch Castle, I would not hold my breath waiting for him to do so.

And this week is the final episode of Breaking Bad.  At least that is what the local TV news people are saying.  And carrying on  and on and on about.  Since the show was filmed primarily in Albuquerque, the Albuquerque news people can't seem to get enough of talking about it.  Well, I don't watch that show either.  But it seems that a lot of people do, or did.  And the Albuquerque businesses have jumped on the band wagon.  You can go somewhere in the city and by Breaking Bad beer, or Breaking Bad donuts.  You can even buy a pair of underwear worn by one of the actors  on the show.  And I can only say, Why would I want to?  Why would I want them if they were free, even?  And people in Albuquerque are throwing a party to end the show, or the final showing or something.  On and on ad nauseating.  And some are wondering if the main character is going to die on this show.  Jay Leno said yes.  He died at the hospital while filling out Obama Care paper work.  Guess that was supposed to be a joke.

I do watch some TV.  Mostly the news.  I like NCIS.  I watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. I watch a few of the so called reality shows.  But I don't hold my breath so see what is going to happen.  I don't hold my breath waiting to see if someone will be eliminated.  I just watch for the entertainment value.  And sometimes to get a topic for a blog.  But never with held breath.



  1. He proposed. She said yes. You can breathe easy, now... ;)

  2. I watch it, forgot that was even a question until the show came on. I was disappointed in it and didn't even watch it last night. I am finding lately that I just don't care anymore what is on. (Sandra- because I don't feel like logging in)


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