Thursday, July 4, 2013

When did it change

TODAY IS THE 4TH OF JULY.  What are you doing.  Celebrating with family.  Watching parades and fireworks, going to the beach or the mountains, playing horse shoes or golf.  Or did you go shopping.  SHOPPING??? On the 4th of July.
This morning after going for our walk, my wife and I watched the NBC news for a while, before turning away from it in disgust, as we do each morning.  While we were watching, they had a segment on where to go today for good shopping bargains, and listed several stores that would be open today for your shopping pleasure.   Oh! and just in case you are curious why we turn away from the Today show in disgust, we do so because they are so enamoured of all things Hollywood and they seem to think that the people who inhabit that city and genre and sports stars walk on water and they gush over them so much that I just can't stand it.  There is so much of of America that has nothing to do with Hollywood and sports stars gone bad that the national media never even mentions.
But I digress.  When did we as a poeple decide it was OK to keep shops open on the 4th of July.Or Easter, or Thanksgiving or Christmas.  These are holidays that every person should have the opportunity it observe in their own way, and not the way of a greedy employer.
Now, I understand that because all people will not observe the laws and rules, Law Enforcement peosonnel will be required to work on the holidays.  Like wise, fire fighters and medical people in hospitals.  I also know that there are plants that need to run 24/7, like power plants and some factories that would be very expensive to shut down and start back up for a 24 hours period.  I am not talking about that type of employee required work.  I am talking about grocery stores, walmarts and other big box stores, and any department store that chooses to remain open during the holiday season. 
I also believe said businesses need to shut down on Sunday.  I realize they have the option of remaining open, but people also have the option to refrain from patronizing these businesses on
Sunday or holidays.  So, if they are open, we will come.  And we do, in droves.  I am speaking we collectively as a people, not as individuals, as there are those of us who do not attend these businesses on Sunday or holidays.  If we all, as a people, would stay away, they would close and their employees could enjoy the day in their own preferred way.  Bur as long as we the people support them, they will remain open.  And that is a bad thing.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK

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  1. There was very, very little shopping happening here on the 4th. We went to get slushies and the town was pretty darn quiet.


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