Wednesday, July 10, 2013


REALLY:  My wife and I walk for 2 miles most mornings.  This is not a walk around the park, or even around the neighborhood. It is a walk around the hills, up and down and through sand washes that border the little town we live in.  Others walk there also.  Some in the morning when we are walking, others later in the day.  Most with their dogs.  Now, before any dog lovers get upset, I am not castigating dog people.  We both grew up with family dogs and as a family of our own, as we were raising our children, we also had dogs.  A problem we have is that so many people who walk their dogs let them do their business in the middle of the trails that we, and others, walk on, and do not clean up after them.  Or at least scoop it off the trail.  So we watch where we step.  A young couple that lived next to us for a year or so, had a dog.  Sometimes two.  I ask them to please clean up after the dogs, especially in the summer, as the heat created a bad smell.  The just moved out and I went to the yard for a reason unrelated to their dogs, only to discover the yard littered with dog litter. 
We also have been told by many who have moved here that they came to the "country" from the city so they could let their dogs run, without a leash.  Even though the town, and the county have a leash law.  I have a lot of other things on my mind to say about this, but will get on with the subject that prompted this post in the first place.
On the news this morning, it was announced that this fall the Dog Channel will be launched on DirectTV.  This will be on 24/7 and is designed to baby sit, or dog sit, your dogs.  The idea is that you can turn on this channel in the morning when you leave for work and your dogs will be entertained all day.  With their own channel.  All I can say is   "What Next?"  will cat lovers cry foul and demand a cat channel. Or will others cry fowl and want a fowl channel.  On second thought, I don't want to know what's next.  Just take care of your dogs, or cats or fowl and let the rest os us do the same.   And  THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK


  1. or we saw on tv that they are now doing plastic surgery on your dog. They are giving them eye lifts and fixing their teeth and mouths. Crazy


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