Saturday, March 16, 2013


NO, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT DEBBIE BOONE. I am talking about all those things around us that seem to have a light 24/7. Like what? you say.  Well, if you have a computer is has a light.  Even if you turn it off and shut it down, it has a light on, unless you disconnect it from from the wall socket.  And the light is still there until the battery runs down. A microwave, yep a 24/7 light. And if you live in a city, or even a small town, there are more than likely street lights that come on at dusk and stay on all night long. Do you have a cell phone?  Do you charge it?  Yep, even while you sleep, it will have a light of some kind. Do you, like me, have a rechargeable electric razor or some other kind of health and body devise? More than likely, unless you charge it during the day and unplug it at night, you will have a light on during the night. All of this has nothing to do with voluntary lights, like self installed night lights, or lights left on at night cause you like to sleep with a light on.  Does any one sleep in a naturally dark room any more.  Probably not, unless they have exceptionally heavy drapes that block out all light.  Including the moon and star light.  Could you sleep in a room that was totally dark, and quiet.  I like the quiet, but enjoy the window open and the moon or star light provided by nature.  It is all the unnatural lights that gets to me at times.  I have got to the point where I will unplug a lot of those aforementioned lights.  But some, like the micro wave and the computer are just, well, inconvenient to unplug. So, can we take back the night.  Not likely, unless you move to a cave, with no electrical power, and that's well, not practical.  Oh Heck! whose practical.  See you there . In the cave.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK 

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  1. We bought black out shades. And our house gets DARK (thank you no neighbors). So we bought solar nightlights. Because the complete dark (like Isaac's parent's basement at night - yikes!) freaks me out. But Sammy likes it totally dark. Crazy kid.


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