Friday, March 8, 2013

I Just Don't Understand

I WOULDN'T DO IT.  WOULD YOU?  As a teenager growing up during the 50's,  that's the 1950's, movies were a thing we went to on a regular basis.  They were entertaining and filmed in the light.  And we listened to the radio on the way to the movie and back home.  Cause the closest movie theater was a minimum 20 minute drive away.  And that was when you were in a hurry. There were actors/actresses that I liked to see.  John Wayne, Glen Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Audie Murphy, Brian Keith, to  mention a few.  Oh! and Sophia Loren, Maureen O;Hara, Rhonda Fleming, Doris Day to mention just a few others.  There were others, male and female, but that isn't the point of  this post. But before I get to the point, I will mention a few other things. I said we listened to the radio. XELO out of Ft. Worth Texas, KOMA from Oklahoma City, KWKH from somewhere in Louisiana I think.  We listened to the Louisiana Hayride and the Grand Ol' Opry.  Country music was our favorite to listen to and to dance to.  I say we, as in the general populace of the area where I grew up. Southwest NM and Southeast AZ.  But I also liked a variety of music and still do. I liked the Strauss waltzes and I liked to listen to the sultry voice of Julie London, the big band music of Glen Miller and Billy Vaughn.  I like a few of the current singers like Adele.  I enjoy watching few of the current TV shows, but I do like NCIS and wonder what it would be like to visit with Abby. (Her show name).  I was not a fan of Marilyn Monroe even when she was alive and popular.  I didn't read the movie magazines of the period when I was growing up.  I didn't idealize the stars of the silver screen or those of the golden voice we heard on the radio. I like cowboy poetry and have been in attendance to two or three shows featuring Baxter Black. I, with my family have been in attendance at concerts listening to Bill Anderson and Don Williams, both favorite singers I like, along with several others.
Now to the point of this post.  I never camped out to get in to see any of these people perform.  I bought a ticket and went to the movie, or the concert and left when it was over, happy for the time spent listening or viewing the event.  And was happy for doing so.  Well, there was a movie I walked out on and would never go back to see, but that's another story. Now, there are people in New York City, to see Justin Timberlake in SNL. Well, I would not go see SNL in any case, but I sure would not camp out in the snow for days to get in to see it or him. Or any one. And I just don't understand why any one would want too. There is no one, and I mean no one, good enough to do that for. At least in the entertainment world.  Or sports world. This speaks of idle worship as well as idol worship to me.  I may have a simple and boring life, but I think I know where my affections lie, and they are not with some "star" who just has a talent that makes watching or listening to enjoyable for a short time of relaxation in what is other wise my life.  AND THAT IS THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK.


  1. Oh, yeah. There are some I'd camp out for. Definitely. But it's a short list...

  2. I don't get it either, there is No one I would camp out for.

    Brandi wants to go see the REAL soccer team next week, but I would have to leave work early and I am not up for that either even if it is just 10-25 minutes early.


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