Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WERE YOU EVER ACCUSED OF SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T DO?  And I would suppose that any one who has graced this earth with your presence for very many years, has been so accused at least once.  By a friend, an acquaintance, someone that you don't even really know.  Or even a family member.  A parent, a child or even a spouse.  Did it make you feel bad?  Angry? upset?  Maybe even aching for revenge.  How soon did you realize that they had made a mistake and you could overlook it?  How soon did they realize it and offer an apology.  And did you accept the apology and forgive.  These are all things for us to think about.  And while we are thinking about them I will tell you a story about a man I work with.  Wanting to pickup some donuts on his way to work, he stopped at the doughnut shop.  They weren't going to open for a few minutes, so he leaned back and shut his eyes, then drifted into a light sleep.  The next thing he knew, someone was tapping on his car window.  It was a local gendarme, or cop as we are used to saying.  And he was falsely accused, and given a citation.  For what?  Why for impersonating a law officer.  Sleeping in front of the donut shop.  So, watch what we do, and watch that we don't accuse others, at least until we know the whole story.  And That's The View From The Ditch Bank.

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