Monday, June 25, 2012

Room service

ROOM SERVICE:   I don't want to belabor the issue, but I guess I will, just a little.  In my last post I mentioned the traffic woes, or road work woes, of our recent trip to Utah.  This post is about that same trip, but it has to do with motel/hotel rooms.  Or the lack thereof.  Since we are getting a little long in the tooth, or old, as the younger generation will say, we don't make this trip in one day.  We break it up in two days, or even three days, each way.  With this in mind, a couple of weeks before we were going to leave, I called our favorite motel in Moab and ask to make a room reservation.  Nope, can't have a reservation, cause they are full.  Same thing with motel choice number two and three.  Finally was able to make a reservation at choice number 4.  For the return trip, we were staying in the Provo/Orem area, so I called our favorite motel in that area and was able to get a reservation for the night we wanted.  So called #1 in Moab again for a room on the return trip.  Again, no reservations available.  Lucked out with choice # 2 however.  Seems to me that gone are the days of just getting in the car, driving until you want to stop and get a room for the night.  Don't happen.  At least if you want to stay in a town and motel of your choice.  Gotta get reservations in advance.  Sometimes way in advance.  Makes me want to be an Indian.  They always have a Reservation.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK.


  1. Ya, we never go anywhere without a reservation. We learned that the year we moved Tawnya and Isaac to Portland and on the way home ended up in a yucky hotel.

  2. Uh... dad... it's June/July... you NEVER get a room in Moab in June or July because that's when all the 4x4 clubs are out there doing competitions, and all the other people that have 4x4 on the back of their truck go out there and pretend they know what they are doing...


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