Saturday, February 11, 2012


JUST A FEW THINGS ON MY MIND. I have a few things that have crossed my mind lately, none of them worth a blog by themselves, but put together, perhaps some thing that will occupy your time for a minute or two. Mayhaps even cause a chuckle. OK, maybe not.

1. I have an open mind. Guess that's why I can't remember any thing, cause it's so open that things just fall out. Or just go on through without stopping to rest.

2. I live in a haunted house. I know I do, cause every time I look in a mirror, there is this old man staring back at me.

3. I have a lot of hair. I really do. I went to the store and saw all these boxes of hair color. Most of them were for women, but a few were for men. One of the men ones said, Try this one for the BOLD look. I tried it and when I looked in the mirror, ( yes the same haunted one ) It looked like I didn't have any hair. I wondered what I had done wrong, so I went back to the box, and that is when I noticed it actually said Try This One for the BALD look. It works. I have the bald look, even though I really have hair.

4. And finally, Does it seem like there is a large amount of people today that seem to not have a brain, or if they do, they aren't using them. I figured out the reason. They gave someone a piece of their mind, not realizing they didn't have any to spare.



  1. A haunted mirror in your house isn't funny. Because it's true. The End.

  2. Exactly. That's why I brushed my teeth with the water running and the door closed because it kept them from getting out...


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