Monday, February 27, 2012


SOMEONE ALWAYS HAS TO BE FIRST. There are people who just have to be first. We have a street in our town that is 4 lane, two each direction, but on the north end, it narrows down to one lane if you want to merge onto a different street. so, people speed, literally, up the inside lane, then at the last second, crowd in to the outside lane in order to merge. They knew where they were going. Just get in line and go with the flow. But nope, they just gotta be first. Some will rush ahead of you to get first in line at the grocery store check out. Like their time is more valuable than yours. And others rush around to get first in, well, you know the type. I'm sure you have them where ever you live also. But all of this begs the question then of who was first to think
OK here's this black man. Guess I'll just make him my slave. Or
Here's this herb. Think I'll just roll it up, put it in my mouth and light a fire to the other end and see what happens. Or
Here's this perfectly good grain. If I ferment it, and distill the fluid from it and then drink the fluid, I wonder what will happen, or
Wow, we finally got this airplane in the air, think I'll strap this thing on my back and jump out, and see if I make it to the ground alive. Well, you were on the ground already, so why not just stay there. Why get in an airplane and get in the air, just to jump out and get back to the ground. I'm sure there a lot of other first's to add to this list, and I will in future posts as I think of them.
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