Wednesday, March 16, 2011


WHERE'S THE MIND SET? Recently, in the area where I live, there was a large grass fire. 1400 acres and 12 houses were burned, along with some out buildings and some equipment of residents. The fire was started by someone driving off the road into the grass and their catalytic converter started the fire. That is the official determination, any way. Shortly after that was over here, the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. That devastation is still on going, and makes our little fire seem meaningless. Of course it's not, at least for those affected by the fire. Still, with the many events going on worldwide, there is one thing that makes me ask the question. WHY? Not why the disasters. Those have been going on since the dawn of time. Oh Wait! What I am blogging about probably has also. That is the scam artists. Why call them artists? makes true artists look bad. Still, there are those contacting the victims of the fire offering false assistance. they are calling people and telling about places to donate money, where the donations are not accepted. Contractors, who are not authorized, offering help. The same thing is going on with a much larger scale with people trying to scam people out of money by donating to a false site to assist the Japanese. Where is the mind set of these people. With families in Japan looking for family members, children wandering around homeless, how can someone think of enriching themselves at the expense of those who only want to help. I just don't understand. What happened to the idea, it's mine, so you don't touch. Guess those days are long behind us. And more's the pity. I feel for those of my children and grandchildren that have to live in the current world. And the world yet to come is probably only going to get worse. And that's the Viewpoint the Scriptures give me.

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  1. Because, since the dawn of time, there have always been opportunists. We just have the luxury of seeing it on the global scale, now, instead of local.


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