Friday, March 18, 2011

Just A Few Things That Comes To Mind

SOME ARE FUNNY, SOME JUST ARE: Here are a few things that have been on the news lately, in one form or another. The New Mexico State legislature is ending a 60 day session Saturday, March 19 at noon. It has been a very low key session, as far as the news items have been. Much different than the last few years. One thing that happened is that the Senate and Representatives finally, last night, passed a balanced budget for the Governor to sign. She probably will, with reluctance. The last final 111 million dollars used to balance the budget is for the State Employees to pay a little more into their retirement fund and the State to pay a little less. Since the majority of the tax paying residents of the State are not State employees, and don't have the benefits of State employees, this isn't a bad thing. The State employees don't like it, of course, but then, it is their retirement fund. The amount the State pays into it is funded by my, and the rest of the States tax paying residents dollars. Also, in this session, the Governor, Susana Martinez, wanted a law passed that made it illegal to issue drivers licenses to illegal residents. The legislature did not pass that law. There were rally's claiming racial discrimination. And racial profiling. Arizona had 5 bills before their legislature on illegal residents and immigration. They all failed, for much the same reason. As one Arizona politician said, "Maybe you forgot it's illegal to be in this country illegally." New Mexico's governor is Hispanic. This is not a racial item. it is a legal item. What part of "Illegal" don't people understand. Oh, and New Mexico assisted the Educational system by raising tuition fees. Fees that most students will be hard put to pay. This, in spite of the fact that New Mexico passed a gambling bill years ago, with the millions of dollars from gambling to go to assist New Mexico residents to pay for education. Unfortunately, at least half of those dollars go to "Administrative" costs. Also, the University of New Mexico, which will have the largest tuition hike, has 28 Vice Presidents that earn $250,000 plus a year. Not to mention other lesser vice presidents and assistants that also earn big bucks. Could cutting their salaries balance the budget? probably not, but it would help if their salaries were cut some. I would think they could live on less. Most of the residents of the State do. And lastly, how often do you hear this from a T. V. news reporter. Stay tuned for a Live Interview. yeah! beats a dead interview every time. And That's The View From The Ditch Bank.

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