Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Sign Of The Times

A BALANCED BUDGET: Did you see the news where Rhode Island fired ALL of the school teachers. Some 19,000 plus or so. Then said that those that were needed would be hired back. If some of them weren't needed, why were they hired in the first place? The Federal Government, and most States are struggling to balance their budgets. Well, maybe not the Feds. Harry Reid and friends seem to get upset and carry on almost as bad as Charlie Sheen when the Republicans want to cut something from the budget. All that aside, the struggle goes on, and one of the favorite targets is education. So, I am going to weigh in on my uneducated opinion on what could be done.
First in my blog, if not first on a list, would be to eliminate pre kindergarten. Kindergarten would be acceptable, but get rid of the pre. Then, let the families feed their children breakfast, instead of the tax payers. Oh! I know all the arguments. families are poor, parents are too busy, Etc., Etc. I agree there are those that fit that mold. But not to the extent that the schools take care of. Then charge a fair price for school lunch. I know the above arguments will come into play once again. But many parents pay a lot more than that to go to lunch, so pay it for the kiddo's also. Stop letting the tax payer feed the kids.
Then look to administration. Ok, so the salaries of the top brass is just a minuscule part of the budget. But how much is wasted there. How many of those people could be done without? How many of them could use a salary cut and still make more than the average bear? And how many States provide free lunches during the summer to any one up to the age of 18. Are they really necessary? How much could be saved there? Do you see where this is going? A lot of it is just that. Free Lunches. In today's times, too many people look to the government for a handout, a free lunch. And don't want to take care of themselves. I have many family members involved in the education business, in one degree or another. As far as I know, all of it is involved with the education of children. So, instead of firing teachers en masse, the tics need to look at where the waste is. And if, and I repeat if, they have too many teachers, then take care of that problem. But it seems to me that too many of the tics want to cut the classroom, and keep the bloated people and programs that really could be eliminated with no ill affect to the students. And there are so many "free lunch" type of programs that could be done away with, at a cost savings of millions, if not billions. Programs that have nothing to do with education. Programs in other fields of endeavor besides education. Programs that did not even exist not so many years back. And that is where the tics really need to look. But of course these programs are some tics pet project, so they won't be considered for cuts. That would be bad for re election. And That's The View From The Ditch Bank.


  1. I don't know. My bleeding heart is a fan of the free lunch for kids. Not so much a fan of firing teachers en masse, however...

  2. I probably didn't make myself clear in the blog. I am not against a free or reduced price lunch for those who are poor and in need. But so many of these programs grow out of bounds and eventually become an entitlement for all so that it is expected, and then hard to get rid of. Not speaking just of free lunchs in the schools, but government programs in general that need to be eliminated.

  3. I agree with dad. And Tawnya. The summer free lunch? there are families here that take their whole families because the mom- with her Prada purse and designer jeans- doesn't want to mess up her kitchen. (she told me so) and eating free lunch every day is easier for her. But we cannot ask for proof that the lunch is indeed a neccessity for the family. It is a case of walk in, pick it up and eat it. That is not fair to those that do need help.

    And firing teachers en mass?? is not the solutiion either. while there are bad teachers (and some of them are where I work) most teachers have 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet while the admin, meaning district and state level admin, are for the most part not necessary.


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