Tuesday, December 14, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

WHERE DO OLD POLITICIANS GO? Well, I don't really know. Mostly don't really care. President Kennedy was killed while in office. President Nixon killed himself, politically and left in disgrace. President Carter wasn't really a good President, but I have to admire him and his wife some, for the charitable works he has participated in since leaving office. The two Presidents Bush have not been very visible, but they have been involved in a few things. President Clinton, who I didn't vote for, and given the opportunity wouldn't vote for again, has been very visible, poking his nose into things every chance he can make. So, I left out a couple of presidents and a lot of other politicians. Check on them if you are interested. I am going to mention a few New Mexico Governors now. Our current Governor, Bill Richardson, who leaves office at the end of this month, but left the country today to visit North Korea, has said that he is turning down a $1 million a year job running the Motion Picture Association. Given his penchant for all things Hollywood, that is a surprise to many in the State, including Moi. He has said he wants to remain in the State, probably in Santa Fe', and be a gentleman rancher. Well, OK. Past governors left office, and Santa Fe' and went: Garey Carruthers moved home to Las Cruces. Gary Johnson never liked Santa Fe' and now lives in Taos. Jerry Apodaca and Toney Anaya remain in Santa Fe', but you hardly ever hear of them. Bruce King returned to the family ranch in Stanley, where he raised cattle. A little aside. The incoming Governor, Susana Martinez, has been touted in the news as a possible U.S. Attorney General, or even a Vice Presidential candidate. Uh! She hasn't even taken office as Governor yet. Maybe we need to wait and see what she will do in that capacity, before shipping her off to D.C. In the preliminary, I like her. She does have her opinions on what she wants done, and I hear she was very strong in her opinions while serving as a District attorney. I think that is what we need in a governor. I'm sure she will be cross wise with the Legislature quickly, though. Stay tuned. I will end with this observation. A cattle rancher raises cattle. A horse rancher raises horses. A sheep rancher raises Sheep. A sugar rancher rancher raises cane. :-) So, since Bill Richardson wants to be a Gentleman Rancher he will raise... No, I don't think so either. And that's The View From The Ditch Bank.

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