Tuesday, December 7, 2010


SO WHO IS ON OUR SIDE: In November the American people voted out several congress people. In January, the house will be controlled by the Republicans, the Senate by the Democrats, but just barely. Now, many of the newly elected are saying that they received a mandate from the people. And that is to cut spending. Also, Mitch McConnell has said that he and the Republicans want to make President Obama a one term President. So, they want him to fail. I have no problem with him being a one term President, but in the meantime, what does that do to us? The Republicans refuse to raise taxes, the Democrats refuse to eliminate Entitlements. They both say that Americans want a balanced budget, and they are most likely correct. But they disagree on how to do that. What I, as an American want, is for a balanced budget, by cutting the fat and waste that is permeating D.C. And State governments. But more on the State side of it in the next post. So, in the next two years, the President and the Democrats will strive to raise taxes, saying that the Americans want the things they are used to getting. The Republicans will try to hold taxes down and cut Entitlements. And see that the President and the Congressional Democrats look like the bad guys, so Obama doesn't get the things done that he says he wants done, thus he fails and the people will vote him out. The Republicans won't get any thing done either, cause they will be too busy fighting the Democrats and causing the downfall of their causes. And the Democrats will be busy voting against anything the Republicans want to do. And the rest of us? We sit here in the middle of the fighting and say; Vote them all out and start over. And if the new ones can't do the job, vote them out also. My advise: cut the budget waste. Cut the pork. Cut the fraud. Do things that actually benefit the people. Forget their little power trips and do what is best for the country. Oh! well, it has probably never been that way, and until the Millennium, probably never will be. But it sounds good any way. And that's The View From The Ditch Bank.

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