Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's in a Word?

Those of you who have read my previous posts are aware that I am retired. After growing up an a cattle ranch, and learning to do that kind of work, I moved on to other things, eventually, after 40 years, retiring from the mining industry. so, now that I am retired, what does that mean? Well, the other morning when I got up, MLWFAE ask, "What are you going to do today?" Nothing, I replied. "I thought you did that yesterday, she said. I replied, I did, but I didn't finish.
So, to get to the point of this post. In order to be retired, doesn't that require you being tired, first. You do something and get tired, then, when you do it again, you get retired. Or, when the tires on your car wear out, and you get new ones, then the car has been "Retired". I think the same thing could be said of any other item using tires, or wheels, to move about. Being a little bit of a wordsmith, I am always curious about words, and how they came about. Like the word, wordsmith. How did someone who writes become a wordsmith. Or some who works with iron and a bellows ( bellows, isn't that someone who talks very loud?) becomes a Blacksmith. Ah! words. They can say a lot. Or, like most of my posts, not much at all. Or like a Politician, nothing of any consequence, even though they spout them like steam from a hot teakettle. Sometimes I think we need to be very careful about the word we use, but I still wonder how Retired, means I get to do nothing, again. And that's the View From The Ditch Bank

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