Monday, April 12, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

RANDOM THOUGHTS---Or not. This may turn into a long post. And the second half will be somewhat different from the first. So hang in there, or log off as you please. Any of you that have been with this blog from the first may remember my blog about Tiger Wood. Any of you that are new, if there are such, and have not scrolled back, may want to do so to the Tiger post. In any case, if you have been watching the news even a little, you have heard about Tiger and his peccadillo's and have your own opinion on it. I am not going to rehash them. I will mention that he reentered the world of golf this weekend in Augusta, Ga. predicting he would win. He did not. He did miss some easy shots, and then lost his temper, which he had said he would not do. On the today show this morning, they could hardly talk about Phil Mickelson winning for talking about Tiger and him losing. They also showed the comments, (of all things )of two Women. One said, Golf is just not exciting if Tiger isn't playing. Uh! Golf is exciting? To watch on TV? Oh Well, that's another post, sometime, maybe. The other woman said, Maybe Tiger should take a lesson from Phil. In case you missed it, Elin wasn't there. Phil's wife, who is battling Breast Cancer, was.
Now, In my profile, I stated that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. More commonly known as Mormon. I am an active member of the Church. The church also builds temples where only those who qualify are allowed to enter. But when a new temple is built, it is open to the public to tour for a period of time before it is closed, except to those previously mentioned. The Church has just built a new Temple in The Gila Valley, AKA the Safford/ Thatcher Arizona area. It will be open for public tours soon. Before it is Dedicated, the youth of the temple district will perform a cultural celebration. This is also a standard procedure. There are about 100 youth in our Stake who will perform. Along with several hundred from other Stakes. Some of them will not get to, though, as there are all kinds of activities that vie for their attention. One of the local High Schools graduation is the night of the performance, impacting 6 students. Another High School graduation is the night before, impacting 3 students for the dress rehearsal. But this post is about two young women who had to make a choice. Neither are Seniors in High School. One loves music. Is involved in music, immersed in music. She plays in the band that is playing for the graduation on the night of the performance. She intends to go to college to become a band teacher. She chose to skip the graduation, and the playing in the band, to perform in the Cultural celebration. The other young woman is a track star at her high school. The State track meet is the weekend of the performance. Incurring the anger of her coach and her teammates, she has chosen to perform in the celebration and skip the track meet. With commitment like these, as well as many others that I won't mention, or am not aware of, we can only applaud and say, Yes, there are young people with high values. And high morals. And they will lead in the coming years. Yes, Tiger, you could take a lesson from Phil. But you, and all of us, perhaps, could also take a lesson from these young women and the approximately 1000 other young men and women that will be involved in this Cultural Celebration, and the righteous choices they have chosen to make. And that's the View From The Ditch Bank

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