Monday, February 8, 2010

Viiew From The Ditch Bank

WORLD CHAMPION---What does it take to be a world champion? What, exactly, is a world champion? Yesterday, the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, ( is a super bowl, just an extra large bowl?) and were declared the world champions of football. HMMM! In the fall there is a world champion in baseball when they play the world series. There's world champions in rodeo, and basketball and, well you get the picture. My question is, how can the Saints be a world champion in a sport that was only played here in the States? Shouldn't this be played in more countries, and the championship be declared between teams from many countries? At least the baseball World Series includes Canada, but baseball is played in many other countries. Well, there are sports players from other countries on some of these teams. And rodeo cowboys come from foreign places like Australia, Brazil and the Bronx, New York, but still shouldn't those other countries (not just players from those countries playing on American teams) be included in order to have a World Champion? In a few days the winter Olympics will start in the Vancouver, Canada area. There, athletes from all over the world will compete in winter sports, and the winner will be crowned. Now, that will be a World Champion, with truly world competition. And the Saints, well, they are the football champions for a year in the United States, but not a "world champion". And that's the View From The Ditch Bank.


  1. Soccer's World Cup is a true world championship. And this year's winner is based in Utah!

  2. 1) You do realize that American Football is played in more countries around the world, right? And that the NFL teams travel internationally to play?

    2) The Soccer World Cup hasn't been played yet (120 days to go, in fact...), how is there a winner, and how are they based in Utah?



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