Friday, February 5, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

DEAL---What a word. There is ideal, you deal, I'll deal, no deal, real deal, well, you get the deal. What this blog is about, though, is the ideal job. Have you ever thought about what would be the ideal job? One where, no matter what you did, or said, you could never be wrong. You are always right. ALWAYS. There is no such a job, you say. Oh yes there is. Well, what is it you say? It is being a weather man, or woman. How is that the ideal job. Cause, what do they say. There is a storm coming our way, and there is a chance we will get some rain, snow, wind, whatever they are predicting. Did you get that. There is a chance this will happen. So, no matter what happens, they were correct. If it rains, snows, blows, whatever, they said there would be a chance it would happen. If it don't happen, they are still right, cause they said it was a chance. There's always a chance it will or won't happen. Now if that isn't an ideal job, I don't know what is, and there's a chance that's the ideal opinion From The Ditch Bank.

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