Wednesday, February 17, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

THE AGITATOR---You all know what an agitator is. It is something, or someone that causes problems; agitates. Some agitator's can cause major upheavals, like the earthquake in Haiti, where the earth was agitated. Other's are not so big, but can be bad any way, such as some one who agitates for a change in government. Other's, in the over all scheme of things, are so minor as not to be noticed at all, except by those who are involved, or agitated. When I wrote my first post, I said that I would blog little to nothing about the life of me and my family, or words to that effect. This blog will be some of that little to nothing. MLWFAE and I have had two clothes washers in all our married life. The last one was over 19 years old when it decided it needed a rest. Not quite as old as the one before it. MLWFAE also rarely uses a dryer, preferring to hang clothes outside on a line. In order to keep the previous washer going, we put over $150 of parts on it ( counting trips to a distant city to pick up some of the said parts ) and it still wouldn't work. Oh! it washes fine, but it won't spin the water out like it should. So MLWFAE and I went to a Home Depot store and bought a brand new state of the art; almost top of the line washer. It had all the bells and whistles, literally. I belled and whistled at you all the time. It is proud of what it can do. It even has a glass lid so you can watch it bell and whistle. You would think that one that smart would know what color clothes you put in it, but you did have to tell it that. Then after putting in a colored water, called by the product maker High Energy Detergent, ( it makes NO suds ) fabric softener, you close the lid, the machine locks the lid and bells and whistles. Very little water goes in the tub, I could tell via the glass lid, it then groans and grunts and spend 1 hour 19 minutes washing a load of white clothes. Oh! and it has no agitator. And if the load gets out of balance it will, finally, put some water in the tub, swirl the load around to re balance, spin the water out, if it is now in balance, and go on with it's belling and whistling. It will let you open the lid and rearrange the load if it can't re balance the load itself. It usually can't. Well, MLWFAE didn't like this washer, she likes the clothes agitated and suds. So yesterday we went back to the afore mentioned store and bought another new washer. One with only one bell and just a whistle or two. And an agitator, and a metal lid that you can open without permission, and they will take the bells and whistles back and refund us the $400 difference. So now MLWFAE will have a washer with an agitator, and she will no longer be agitated, at least over the washer. And that's The View From The Ditch Bank.


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