Thursday, February 25, 2016


I HAVE HELD OFF ABOUT AS LONG AS I CAN.   I just feel I need to express myself on the current state of the election campaign.  So, bear with me, as I may ramble a bit.  OK   OK    a lot.
First, the Dems.   Actually, there were three candidates, but one has dropped out, so now there is just Hillary and Bernie.  Neither of which is a good choice.  I almost want to leave this right there, but will say a couple of things.  Bernie is an avowed socialist.  Never has socialism worked for a country without problems.  Although we have a lot of things headed in that direction, the last I checked, this was still a democracy.  Shouldn't Democrats want Democracy?  And Hillary.  What can I say that I have not already said?  Not much, I guess. She continues to deny the things she has done wrong, and while the media will mention these things, they continue to not call her on them.  
Now to the Repubs. As of this writing, the field has dropped from 16 to 5.  Donald Trump continues to lead the pack.  And the pack he is leading is the public that continues to vote for him.  All I can think of is a pack of ravening wolves, with Trump the leader.  Depending on your point of view, Trump is a successful business man.  He has shrugged off the many bankruptcies he has had as just business as usual.  He is a bully and he uses the kind of language most bullies use; foul and often misleading.  He attacks any of hos opponents that start to get too close to him in the polls. When Cruz won the primary that he did win, Trump threatened to sue him for stealing the election. He stated that he hated to lose. Well, too bad.  We can only hope that he does lose even more on Super Tuesday.  I like Ted Cruz. He is campaigning on the issues more than any candidate and he is not attacking his opponents like the others are.  Following Cruz, I like Marco Rubio. I think either one of them would be preferable to Trump.  I like Ben Carson, but he has fallen so far behind that I feel he will eventually drop out, along with Mr. Kasich, leaving a field of three.  Time will tell, I guess.
So for a final wrap up on this post.   I do not like Hillary or Bernie or Trump.  I made an agreement with one of my daughters that if she would not vote for Hillary, I would not vote for Trump.  If it comes down to the two of them in the general election, I release her from that agreement, as I may have to renege on my part also.  While I don't like Trump, I think he will be better than Hillary.  Not good for the country, but better than Hillary.
And I will say this. I read an article a while back that while the Democrats look at the country's problem and the solutions from the Democrat point of view and the Republicans look at them from the Republican point of view, Trump looks at the problem and tries to find a solution to the problem, with a point of view of a business man, not a politician.  So be it.  Maybe that is what we need, but still, I find Trump hard to take.

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  1. Bernie is actually a democratic socialist, which is different than the socialism of Europe. But that's a lecture for another day.

    And thanks for letting me out, because I'm thinking it's going to be Hilary and Trump. And I will not be happy with either, but I cannot in good conscience, vote for Trump over anyone. If by a miracle it comes down to Hilary and Rubio, I'd actually vote Rubio. My card in the democratic party might shudder a little, though...


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