Tuesday, February 25, 2014


WOULDN'T IT BE NICE IF ALL PEOPLE WERE AS PERFECT AS I THINK I AM.  OK, that includes me.  It would be nice if I were as perfect as I think I am.  This is leading up to a comment or three about things that people do that irritate me.  And I am sure that I do things that irritate others.  So, does that make us even?

1. Handy cap parking.  Many years ago, we had a sister in law that was handy capped. She didn't get out much toward the end of her life, but still, when she did get out, she needed these spaces.  I once saw a man who parked in a handy cap spot.  I ask him to move his car. When he said why, I said, cause you aren't handy capped and that spot is for those who are. Well, he said, I'm just going into the post office to get my mail.  I'll only be a few minutes. I ask him what a handy capped person should do if they came to the post office while he was parked there for a few minutes. He just looked at me, said  I get your point and he moved his car.  Yep. Surprised me too. This was recently brought to mind when a daughter put up a facebook post on this subject.  She has a handy capped daughter and she also needs these spots when she takes her to school, or other places.

2. This one can't be totally blamed on people.  Well, the fuel buying public type people. Nearly a year ago we purchased a diesel pickup. Now, when we need to fill up, we go to the local station, just like every one else does.  What we have learned, though, is that most service stations have only one pump island with a diesel pump.  There may be several lines of gas pumps, but only one that has a diesel pump.  It is irritating to pull up to the station and see empty gas pumps, and someone in a gas burning vehicle fueling at the one pump that has diesel service.  Of course, you can't put the blame on the gas buying public, not when the station owners put gas nozzels there for them to use. I have to admit I have been guilty of this in the past.  I try to pay more attention now when I fuel a gas burning vehicle.

3. Manners.  Where did they go? This seems to be a hurry up society.  Get it now and don't worry about any one else.  Language has falen so low that it is embarrasing to go to most movies and watch a lot of TV shows.  Or go out in public and see the droopy pants and sloppy shirts with obscene sayings on them.  On the other hand, I have to say, not every one falls in this category and I pay tribute to those who still respect others.

4. Lastly. A little tongue in cheek comment.  They have had, and are still having, a lot of snow back East.  So much, that they are piling it up and have no place to put it.  So, what do they do with it?  They are trucking it out to, and dumping it in, the ocean.  I think there is enough water in the ocean.  A better solution would be to put the fire fighting bomber planes in use and load the snow in them and fly it to the South West and dump it like slurry over the country side. That would solve the snow removal problem of the East and help alleviate the dry conditions of the South West.  Just Saying

Now that I have that off my chest, we all need to work on being as perfect as I think I am.  Mostly me that needs work.


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