Monday, February 17, 2014


YEP WE DID.  Long time readers of this blog, all one or two of you, know that I don't post a lot of personal things on this blog.  I have done a little of it, but not much.  So, today I will break from tradition and post a little about me and my wife.
53 years ago today we said I Do.  We were young, then, and in love.  But because we were young, some said it wouldn't last.  Oh! they didn't come right out and say it to us, not really, but there were murmurs around that we heard of those who were skeptics.  Well, here we are, 53 years later and still together. And now old and still in love.  And it has been a smooth ride.  NOT.  We have had our ups and downs like every one else.  I have worked for the government, for private industry and moved around a little.  Not too much. 7 children have came from those 53 years. 2 boys and 5 girls.  And they have produced 24 grandchildren who have produced, so far, 6 greatchildren, and number 7 soon to arrive.  A legacy.  Well, maybe, but that is shared with others, as the family trees limbs and roots spread all over the country.  All of those who call me grandpa, also call someone else grandpa.  So, the legacy is not all mine to claim.  Still, there is much to be happy and proud about as a result of those 53 years.  But mostly I can say
If not for my wife, who has been by my side for all these decades, where would I be today.  I shutter to even think, sometimes. She has had the children, mostly raised them while I went to work, all types of shifts and rotating days off. It is she who put what ever stability we had in the home.  It was she that saw that the girls had their hair done before going off to school, who saw to it that the boys faces were clean, who kept  their clothes clean and saw to it that they had regular meals, and that they got to the places they needed to be.  All of them have left the home now and are on their own.  Each successful in their own way.  So, on this day, as I look back a little, I can remember that day, as we stood in front of a Mormon Bishop, in her parents home and said I DO.  Not knowing what lay ahead of us, and probably best we did not.  So, I pay tribute to my wife Inez, and say, Thanks for the memories and may we make many more.  Happy Anniversary to my wife. I love you.


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