Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Storms We endure

STORMS: what too you is a storm?  What do you think of when you hear the word storm?  This country is going through a series of storms right now.  Political storms. Natural storms. And every where people have their own storms.  Just the normal storms of life that we all go through from time to time.  Some of those storms we have control of.  Namely the storms of life.  Some come to us in spite of what we do, others are self inflicted.  By the things we do.  Yesterday we attended the funeral of a friend who had passed away after a 2 1/2 year battle with cancer.  The storm that has come to her husband and family was not of their chosing, but they will deal with it.
Earlier this week hurricane Sandy devastated the east coast.  Again, a storm that the people affected had no control over.  They did have some control over how they reacted to it, but for the most part, they just had to wait and see what happened.  And they waited and didn't like what happened.  Now, the storm they face is very devastating in many cases.  But for the most part, they will survive and move on.
But what about the political storm we are all involved in.  Well, we will survive that also, some in better fashion than others.  And now I will create a tiny storm by voicing my opinion of some of the things going on in these political happenings.
Did you watch the Presidential debates?  Or the Vice Presidential debate? I watched the presidential debates.  I tried to watch the vice presidential debate, but just couoldn't put up with the theatrics of bobble head, uh Biden.  With his rolling of the eyes and the throwing up of the hands, I just got so disgusted that I turned off the TV and went to bed and read a book.  Prior to going  to sleep.  Can you imagine him as President, should circumstances come about that opens that door.  Shudder.
And the race for President.  I have just a couple of comments to make here. Or three or four.  President Obama said in the last debate, and I quote,  "I have kept every promise I made.  And the ones I didn't keep, it wasn't cause I didn't try."  Uh, well did you keep them all or not.  Apparently not.  Apparently he isn't sure.  Just a couple or three more comments.  He has blamed all his problems on George Bush.  George Bush authorized the first bailout check that Obama has taken credit for.  George Bush had a withdrawal plan to bring the troops home from Iraq.  Obama just executed it.  George Bush had in place the operation to find and eliminate Bin Laden.  The actual act just happened under Obama's watch.  He promised to cut the national debt from 10 trillion to 5 trillion.  It is now over 16 trillion. He promised jobs.  Not happening. He shut down the space program and turned it over to Russia.Eliminating a lot of American jobs.  If he wants to blame Bush, then credit Bush for the things he had in place when he, Obama took office.  And Bush made his mistakes, and Romney will make his if elected.  They all have.  They all will.  But I will make this final comment on the Presidential race.  Ann Romney was on the TV show "The View".  I think that is the one.  And Whoopie Goldberg ask her how Romney could comfort families of returning military personel who have been killed in battle.  Since Romney never was in the military.  Why wasn't it mentioned that Obama never was in the military either?  And considering the positions of leadership that Romney has held in his church, I would imagine he has a lot more experience to comfort those who are bereaved than Obama ever had or will have.  I could say a lot more, but will stop the storm with that.
Now to some local races.  There are so many storms being generated on the State and local scene that I wonder why the weather is so clear and warm.  And why the wind we have is so cool and not hot.  And so many twisted truths and out right lies being told on both sides of the aisle, as it were, that I will be ever so glad when next Wednesday arrives.
However, even with all this being said.  this is still the greatest nation on earth, and I would not voluntarily move to some other country.  I will put up with the non sense and hope that what ever happens, my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will have as good a country to live in as I have had.    And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK.  


  1. Man. You're just ITCHING for me to comment, aren't you?

    Just an FYI. It was brought up A LOT that Obama wasn't in the military. Mostly by McCain, but it was definitely talked about. It's a moot point, now, because he's had way too much experience comforting the grieving families in the past four years.

  2. I understand the experience he has had in the last four years. I just wondered why Whoopie felt to make that comment when Obama was in the same situation 4 years ago.

  3. I would counter with what does it matter what she says? However, I think despite Obama, Romney's record or lack there of is far game, just as it was for Obama 4 years ago.


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