Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A NATION IN DECLINE: I have thought of this post for a long time now.  I could have titled it Are we in a nation in decline?  or made it a statement We are a nation in decline.  I chose the title that I listed for a reason.  I just don't know what that reason is.  Maybe by the time this post is through we can tell. Having said all that, I do believe we are a nation in decline.  Why do I believe this.  Well, let's view a few things that I am aware of.  Since I didn't do a lot of research, I don't have exact dates or sometimes even exact events.  Just an opinion of things.
So, when did this decline start?  On November 6, 2012, when Barack Obama was reelected?  In November 2008 when Obama was elected the first time.  Many will say so.  Many more will say not.  So, what do I say?  Well, I say it started a long time prior to either of these events.  If there are any reading this blog, who may be unfamiliar with me,  view my status.  But if you don't want to, I will state this much.  I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, AKA  The Mormon Church.  I am a republican who is not ashamed to vote for a Democrat if I feel the Democrat is the better candidate.  Having said that, I have a deep seated belief in the tenets of the LDS doctrine.  We are told that any people that inhabits this continent, who does not follow and obey the commandments of God and Jesus Christ, will be destroyed.  And we have a Book of Mormon that documents that happening to past inhabitants of this continent.  So, why are we in decline now?  Yes Why?  It is not because of the recent election.  It is because of the actions of the people.  When did it start?  Don't know, exactly.
But, in my 71 years on this rock, I have seen some disturbing things.  Movies used to be entertaining.  Now they are violent and lewd.  Things like this were not in the movies when I was growing up.  Then the movie rating system came into being, and filthy language and nudity and sexual things were put into movies and then rated.  Gradually, over the years, many things that was in Mature movies ( that was the original rating ) now R rated are slipping into Pg-13 movies.  Much of this same content is now in mainstream music. People are "Living together without the benefit of marriage and same sex couples want to be married" and the media and TV programs are saying that's OK.  It is the new norm. William Clinton, A past U.S. President was involved in sex affairs with women not his wife.  And the congress couldn't get enough votes to impeach him. And the people let him get away with it.    And now he is an often requested public speaker.  Politicians can't seem to pass a budget to run this government, but don't seem to have any trouble appropriating funds that will benefit them.  Greed, Sex, Violence, Filthy Language, all accepted in the public square, as it were.  Same sex couples now are all over the media and the media and public officials are telling us that it is OK.  That it is the new norm.  
Many will say that the election, or reelection of Barack Obama will bring the downfall of this nation.  I say it will not.  It is the actions of the populace and the acceptance of things that are of the evil side, that will bring down this nation. It is the lowering of values of the populace that will destroy this nation as we who are older know it that will bring down this nation.  Now, I am going to get a little political.  Kinda. With Mitt Romney running for President, the LDS Church has been exposed to the public view as never before.  Missionary's will undoubtably get into homes that would have been denied them prior to this election.  The Church has received a lot of press and made people curious enough to investigate it and possibly join.  If Mitt Romney had been elected, the resulting budget cuts and the many things he would have had to do to bring the budget into balance would have caused a backlash against him and the church as a result.  With the Reelection of Obama, there will still be a backlash, eventually, I think.  But it will come in a different form, when taxes are raised and more jobs lost as a result.  I also fear the health care law in full.  There are many good things in this law. But when the full effect takes place in 2014, I fear that it will cause chaos.
I will stop here with the political statements, cause this is not about politics, but about my opinion of why this nation is in decline. It is about the people, and what we are willing to put up with.  There are a lot of people with high values still in this country, but those values are slowly being wore away, and more and more that is bad is being accepted.  And that is why we are in decline.   AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK. 



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