Tuesday, September 4, 2012


TIVO.  DO YOU HAVE IT?    I do.  Well kinda.  Don't know what Tivo is.  Or DVR.  Well, as best as I understand it,  it is a program on your TV that lets you record a program while your gone, or watching something else.  then when you watch you can skip the commercials.  I said I have it.  Well, that was kinda misleading.  What I have is a book.  I can read it whenever I want, there are no commercials to skip, and I can put it down and return to it at my choice.  And it won't go away.  Unless I want it to.   As for what is on TV, I think most of it should be put in the commercial category and skipped.  At least, if I am reading a book with questionable material, I am not polluting every one else in the  house.  And I can skip it and read another book.  Yep, tivo is great when it comes to turning off the TV and reading a good book.  Didn't miss a thing on TV any way.  Including most of the news.  And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK


  1. I would die if I couldn’t read as much as my heart and mind desire, but at the same time, I love movies. On occasion, I do find a well-written TV series that I’ll follow, so I love my Hopper because I have a huge hard drive to store movies and TV shows that I want to watch or want to watch again. Since I’m not particularly fond of commercials, I usually fast-forward through them, and on some episodes, I can choose to Auto Hop them so that I can give my fast-forwarding thumb a break. I’ll usually choose a book over TV any day, but I can’t help but watch a good story every now and then.


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