Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall and Chili

IT'S THAT TIME OF THE YEAR:  You know, the fall time of the year, when the Chili is starting to come off and the air is redolent with the smell of roasting chili.  New Mexico, namely Hatch, New Mexico is labeled the Chili capitol of the world.  The title may be a little ambiguous, but it is there just the same.  But Wait;
It seems that there are people, or companies, who don't live or farm in New Mexico,  who recognize the value of New Mexico Chili. So, being the enterprising type of people they are, they harvest their Chili and  bring it to New Mexico and then sell it as New Mexico Chili.
Well, a law was just passed that states,  "IF IT AIN'T GROWN HERE, IT CAN'T BE SOLD HERE LABELED AS NEW MEXICO CHILI." Or words to that effect.   So, assuming that the law will be followed and those enterprising types who want to cash in, pun intended, in New Mexico Chili, will be ferreted out and punished accordingly, we can rest assured that when you eat Chili from New Mexico, you are actually eating Chili grown here.
Meanwhile, just lean back, enjoy the fall smell of roasting Chili and let the juices flow, until you can't stand it any longer, then fix your self a meal, or go to your favorite restaurant and get a Chili fix.  I recommend a minimum of once a week.  Maximum of your choice.  


  1. Oh, good. I think that's a perfect law! I'm waiting for my first Hatch green chili from my supplier...

  2. My chili is almost out... :( Maybe I should get some seeds...


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