Friday, October 7, 2011


UNLAWFUL OR ILLEGAL; IS THERE A DIFFERENCE? I miss those signs. You know the ones. No, not the Burma Shave signs, although I miss those also. The unlawful signs that used to be on the highway's. At least in New Mexico.
My wife and I recently attended the International balloon festival in Albuquerque. We drove there, and having business in another County, we took a road less traveled to get to the City of the Duke. Along the way we reminisced
about those old signs. They used to say "It is Unlawful to pass when solid line is in your lane." Or "It is unlawful to pass school bus when lights are flashing" Or "It is unlawful to exceed the posted speed limit" Or, well you get the picture. Do you remember those signs? It was always Unlawful, never illegal. do you know why? Do you know the difference between Unlawful and Illegal? Ask a police officer. See if they know. There is a difference, you know. Now the road signs simply say "do not pass, or Pass with Caution" Or Speed Limit and the number of the limit. It is not only not illegal but it is not unlawful any more either. Yes, I miss those old signs. Like a lot of other things I miss, which may be mentioned in a future post. Probably won't though, as I miss my memory at times also. But I do remember the difference between Unlawful and Illegal. OK, so those of you that don't already know, want to know. Well, Unlawful means something is against the law. As in, Don't do it. Illegal. Well, ask any animal doctor and they will tell you that an illegal is a sick bird. And THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK.

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