Thursday, October 27, 2011


RED OR GREEN OR ITALIAN? Any one who has spent much time in New Mexico and ate meals in the restaurants here, know that one of the questions ask is Red or Green? Meaning Chili. Hatch, New Mexico bills itself as the Chili capitol of the world. There is even a Hatch brand of Chili, sold around the world, or around New Mexico and a few other places. And it is good Chili. Or is it Chile?
My wife and I went to a town 60 miles away from where we currently reside to take care of some business. After the business was completed, we went to an Italian restaurant for lunch. there we ordered an Italian style meal. Our two dishes were different, but both contained chicken. her's a chicken breast, Italian style and mine had chunks of chicken with lots of pasta. Her chicken breast had a strip of green chili across the top, along with the normal Italian items. Mine had pieces of green chili and jalapeno's in it. And I was ask when I ordered, red or green. I took green.
Now, this was a small town local restaurant, not Olive Garden. the food was good, it was Italian, with chili. Or is it Chile? But where else, besides New Mexico, can you go to an Italian restaurant, or any other restaurant, and have the fare of the restaurant, mixed with chili? or is it chile? Your choice. But if you don't think it sounds good. Don't knock it till you try it. And that's The View From The Ditch Bank.


  1. Do you need us to send you some?

  2. I'll always gladly take cans of chilli! Just not sure if the customs guys feel the same way, though...


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