Saturday, February 19, 2011

So, What's Next

THIS HAS BEEN QUITE A WEEK: Not a complaining type of week. Just somewhat different than I have had in quite some time. I haven't made it a habit to blog about myself or family. But this week, I think I will. So, for the few of you that actually read my drivel, you have been warned.
About three years ago, the man who I go to for my haircuts, ( OK, you can finish this when you quit laughing, ) ask me when I was going to retire. I, being over 65 years old at the time, said probably in a year or two. The barber, being more than a decade older than me, said, well, let me know when you decide, and I will retire with you. Two years ago I retired, he didn't. Said he had nothing to do if he wasn't working.
Now, to this week. Monday, last, I went back to work. In a mine, doing the same type of work I retired from, but with a contractor, rather than the mining company. The work is so familiar, that the first day was like being back to work after a long vacation. Oh! guess it was. On Thursday, February 17, my wife and I reached a milestone that few people reach. We "celebrated" 50 years of marriage. To each other. The day didn't go like I had envisioned the Golden wedding year would. I said "celebrated" because I, having just started a new job, went to work. My wife stayed home, feeling ill. We will celebrate later, after I retire again. Which definitely will not be 40 years. Nor even 40 months. Then this morning I went to the barber for a hair cut. A new barber was in the shop. My old barber had retired February 1st. Not cause he wanted to, but cause diabetes had taken so much of his eyesight, that he finally had to quit. Many people, like him, and myself, work way past the current considered time to retire. Work is a necessity of life. Even if you are financially healthy. But so is play. I just hope many of the younger generation realize that and combine the two, and not just get hooked on the thought of being able to play all the time. And That's The View From The Ditch Bank

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