Friday, February 11, 2011

For Richer or Poorer

IF YOU HAVE THE MONEY: My last blog was just a tongue in cheek type of blog about a situation that happened in this State last week. You can read that blog to see what I wrote. This blog is a little more serious follow up on that blog.
A lot of information has come out since my last blog. The natural gas service was cut off to several small towns in the northern part of the state, and service was curtailed to several others. With temperatures in the below freezing to as cold as below zero in many places, a lot of those families were without heat. Even after the "problem" was solved by the gas company, it was still several days before these people got their gas turned on. Governor Martinez called out the National Guard to assist with getting the gas turned back on. Police and fire department personnel from other cities also were called on, or volunteered, to help with this. The gas company officials could only say, they were doing the best they could. Result, frozen and broken water pipes, damaged gas lines and furnaces, due to the cessation of normal gas flow. FEMA has sent personnel in to asses the damage and if the State has more than a few million dollars in problems, they can offer assistance. In one of the affected towns, the people were told they could qualify for loans to help them. They said, "We don't want loans, we want answers". They might get the loans. So far, they aren't getting answers. Noted, most of those affected are some of the poorest in the State.
I have long voiced my opinion that Government's, local, State and Federal, need to cut their budgets and live like normal people have to. I have blasted, in this blog, those tics that bloat themselves on the blood of the people. I am still of that opinion. Now, I read in the paper this; "Obama to propose cuts in heating aid". The article said that the President wants to propose a cut of 2.5 Billion dollars in the fund to assist the poor with heating. In the coldest winter on record in many years. Once again. Who will this affect. The Poor. Again I say. Government needs to cut spending. But to do so at the expense of those most dependant is wrong. It seems to be the way, though. Of companies and governments. Why? Cause the rich can afford services and they can holler loud and long enough that the tics listen. Large cities and big business can do the same. So a gas company can turn off the gas of the poor, and get away with it. Well, the officials are trying to defend themselves before the New Mexico State legislature, starting today, and they are squirming. :-) Our newly elected governor is demanding answers, and is not playing patty cake with them. I don't think they like it. And she has publicly stated that if they can't prove what they say, they will pay. What do they say? It isn't their fault. The fault lies in Texas. If so, why? See previous blog. Maybe more truth than fiction there. And that is the View From The Ditch Bank


  1. The world is in a very scary state and I still don't think we understand the depths of it or what is yet to come. Makes me wanna crawl in a hole! :)


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