Wednesday, July 28, 2010

View From The Ditch Bank

AFTER ALL THIS TIME, I STILL DON'T GET IT: Tomorrow, the Immigration Law goes into effect in the State of Arizona, unless the Feds stop it in court. Today a group is traveling from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Phoenix, Arizona, to protest the new law. They were shown on the news carrying signs against the new law, mostly saying "Stop Racial Hatred" Stop Racial Profiling" and other Racial themes. I agree. HUH! you say. He agrees. Yes, I agree. We should stop racial hatred. But, this law has nothing to do with racial hatred, and every thing to do with LAW. You know, the legal system under which we in this country, and every other civilized country, can live and breathe. The news has reported that at least 50 families have left Arizona and moved to Albuquerque to avoid the advent of the new law. I say, if they are legally in the United states, including Arizona, they need not fear, and they need not leave. If they are not here legally, then that is a different matter. It deals with LAW, legality. Not race. I personally, have no objection to any one coming to this country. I have visited other Country's, including Mexico, when it was safe to do so, and I had the papers I needed to prove who I was and where I belonged. I recently visited with a niece who had this summer visited in Sweden with her husband. She enjoyed the visit, but said she would not want to live there. But she had the papers she needed to visit the country legally. A year ago a son and his wife visited the U.S. from another country. He has the papers necessary to live in that country, and his wife had the necessary papers to visit this country with him. So, since we require this documentation for others, and other countries require documentation when we visit them, why is this Arizona law causing such a stir. Not only among those here illegally, but by our own political leaders who have taken an oath to uphold the law of this Country. If their oath means no more to them than that, I say we need to be looking at them very hard come next election. And their appointees. Maybe especially the appointees. And that is The View From The Ditch Bank


  1. So agree with all you said. Guess it doesn't matter what I think living here and paying taxes in the state of Arizona. We do need to look at out elected officials harder. Seems like they all say something that we all want to hear before election and then after they do what they want and that is my view from Arizona.

  2. The feds did stop parts of this law in court, so it only partially goes into effect today. The rest of it is will be litigated for the next 2 - 5 years (that's the estimates we are hearing, right up to the Supreme Court. With all the attorneys involved, the legal profession came out the big winner, and no immigration problem is really solved.


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