Monday, May 5, 2014


DO THEY STILL DO THIS IN HIGH SCHOOL?   My youngest is 33 years old and lives in another country. My oldest is scaring the heck out of 53 years old, and there are a few in between these two. And my wife and I are in our 80th decade of life and I, for one, have no clue what they do in high school any more.  But this is something that happened when we were in high school.  We had a high school year book.  Since the population of the school was very small, most oif the students were on the year book staff, in some capacity. Along with the class pictures and photos of the sports events and other events, at the end of the book, or maybe at the end of the senior class photo section, there was a class will and a class history.  The class history was not one of what had happened, but the predictions of what was going to happen in the following 20 years or so. This was usually told from the perspective of the "historian" updating the class at the 20 year class reunion.  Of course all were rich or famous, or rich and famous. And the town had usually grown a lot and was a major hub of industry, with many of the class members having taken part in this growth.  Of course, it was all fantasy and had nothing to do with the reality of the class members.  For the most part, any way.
The class will was usually along the same lines, with someone who was tall willing their height to someone who was short, or someone who was athletic williing that ability to someone who wasn't, etc. I dug out the old year books some time back and chuckled at what was written there in the volumes for my wife and myself. And I wondered, as I stated at the beginning of this post, Do they do this in high school any more.  Or was this a fantasy thing that took place in a more happy and peaceful time.  If they don't do this, And I have no clue if they do ro not, then  think it would be a good thing to do.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK


  1. My information is perhaps a tad outdated, but when I was in high school the last issue of the school newspaper every year was more or less a class will. Didn't call it that though.

  2. It depends on the high school and the yearbook teacher. Yearbook is now a class and the emphasis is on learning composition of pictures, how to lay out a page, use photo shop and other editing software and how to publish.

    These books are very expensive to produce- Brandi's cost $55 this year and that is a cheap book- so they try to cut down the pages. We are a small school so we have more room for the extra stuff, but a larger school uses a lot of their pages just for student pictures and pictures of the various clubs and organizations and there is little room left for the fun stuff.

    And the books have to go to press early in the year if the students are going to get them before the year ends. Ours went to press in April so Prom and the rest of the end of the year stuff won't be in there. But there will be a DVD that the students can purchase for $5 available when they pick up their yearbook with all of that on there.

    Usually the class will, predictions, etc are included in the last issue of the school newspaper. But again it depends on the school and the teacher But most likely to succeed etc are usually included in the yearbook for at least the senior class.

  3. They are so ridiculously expensive that neither of my boys have ever felt it worth it to buy one, so I don't know what is in them.


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