Monday, April 28, 2014

On Being Politically Correct

LET ME JUST SAY UP FRONT:  In my last post I mentioned the Rancher Bundy situation, and my feelings about the government vs. citizen and the lack of all the facts. I also mentioned that I agreed with Mr. Bundy, at least up to a point.  Now for the up front statement. I do not agree with Mr. Bundy's statement about Negro people. I have known, and am friends with several people who are Negro, and I like them.  And the ones I know are just people living and working to support themselves and their families.  Also this week, there are reports of a NBA team owner making anti African American statements, and the outcry that these statements have caused. I reperat, I don't agree with their statements. However;
Are not these people, Mr. Bundy and the NBA team owner entitled to their opinion? Why do they need to apologise for voicing their opinions just because they disagree with what is considered the politically correct opinion. Why do they, or even I, need to walk around on egg shells, as it were, because I might offend someone.  But others are allowed to voice their opinions on any thing, even though what they say or do may offend me. 
A face book post attributed to Actor Bill Cosby blasts the current trend of "African Americans". He states in that post that he don't understand them.  They are not from Africa, and many of them can't trace their lineage to Africa. They are Americans, period. They happen to be Black, and they may have ancestry that traces back to Africa, but they are not African.
I guess if I am going to be politically correct, I am English, Scottish American. And who knows what else may be mixed in. So I repeat, I do not agree with the statements made by Mr. Bundy or the NBA owner, but I feel they have the right to express that opinion, if they feel they need to. And they will suffer any backlash from people and the public accordingly. But they should not be required to apologise for what they feel.  AND THAT'S THE VIEW FROM THE DITCH BANK.

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  1. I hope you are including your granddaughter in that "I am friends with" statement. ;)

    While I realize that people are entitled to their opinion, it is how they state it that is the problem for us. There are times that we just shrug it off and say- whatever, that is their opinion, but there are times that people are down right rude and hurtful- but that is because they make it personal and directed towards her. And that is when I get mad.


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