Thursday, April 11, 2013


1. I watch the Today Show of a morning.  For a little while, anyway, before I finally get disgusted with their obsession with all things Hollywood and turn it to something else.  So, I have a few comments to make concerning a couple of things they had to say recently.  And then I will make a comment or two on Washington.  D.C.

2. Halley Berry Baby.  NBC, ( and perhaps other networks) recently reported that Halley Berry might be pregnant. They will be watching and will keep us informed.  Well, whoop de do.  I am sure there are a lot of women who are pregnant, and only those who know them are aware of it.  And that is the way it should be. Who cares if Halley is pregnant?  Apparently many do.

3. Lester Holt's spring clothes.  On the Saturday today show they followed host Lester Holt as he went on a shopping uh spree to buy new spring clothes. Again, whoop de do.  Why do I need to even know that he went shopping or what he bought. And I wouldn't even buy the kind of clothes he bought anyway.  But then, I am a boring dresser.  I know that by way of my children.

4. Did any of you watch the Olympics last year?  There was a woman volley ball player on the USA winning team. She was pregnant at the time.  Now she has had her baby.  So the Today show had her and her husband and the baby on.  Again, lots and lots of baby's are born every day. What makes this one so much more important than any of the others?  And the baby lay there in her mothers arms and cried and cried while the mother played to the camera.

5. Now to Washington. It is spring and time to clean the house.  And the Senate.  President Obama has finally, late, proposed a budget.  In it he has $300 billion in new spending and $900 billion in new taxes. And he wants to balance the budget by cutting social security and medicare. After decades of required, by law, of paying into those two funds, old people like me now depend on these two items.  And he wants to cut them.  It will also affect any of those of you that are younger, so you better pay close attention what he and the house and the senate are trying to do. Not only on these items, but on all things financial. Including the Obama care medical plan, which will not take full effect for another year. 

6. Immigration.  I have blogged about this in the past. I mentioned a little bit about it in my previous post as relates to New Mexico and drivers licenses.  Congress is about to reach a plan on what to do about all the illegal aliens.  Or to be politically  correct, undocumented residents. All 11 million of them.  My question.  If they are undocumented, how do they know how many of them their is?

7. Gun control.  The nation is up in arms, pun intended, over gun control.  I am very sympathetic for the people of Columbine, Aurora, and Sandy Hook.  But a gun did not kill those people.  A person, or persons, killed those people and a gun was their choice of weapon.  Gun control will not end this type of violence.  Now, a man has went on a rampage on a Texas college campus with a knife, stabbing many people.  Do we now ban all knifes?  I think not. There is a lot of pain involved here, I understand.  I just hope calmer heads than those in the White House and the other house and the senate prevail on the course of action taken here.  They have already created a situation where legitimate individuals are having a hard time purchasing ammunition as well as reloading supplies for those who chose to do that. 

8. OK.  Now this is all off my chest, or shoulders, or mind, or what ever. It just seems to me that there is a lot going on that is senseless in this country.  I feel like the two Irishmen, one of whom turns to his friend and says something like this:  I think all the world is crazy except me and you, and sometimes I wonder about you.   


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